Write Your Hurt And Let The Ink Heal You!

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Life is like a trampoline, where the highs and lows go hand in hand. It's just a game of bouncing up and down. So, in order to enjoy while bouncing in life; what can we do to enjoy life to its fullest?
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Most times a trigger is all that is needed for a thought to manifest into a write-up. This time my trigger was the below image/ post, I happened to see on Instagram.

Each one of us has our own unique way to handle the tears and fears that come with just being alive. If you have life, it comes with emotions in plenty. The good ones and the bad ones.

It’s not something you can choose. It comes as internal baggage when you are born. Apparently, this baggage tilts to either side (good or bad) as you move phases – infancy to adulthood.

Creative minds are blessed to tackle both the good and bad emotions through the medium they are most comfortable with. It could be a brush, pen, sand, soil, stone, wax, metal, thread, paper, wire, etc., etc. The list is endless. Just as each one of us is wired differently, each one of us has also been blessed with an innate quality that evolves between birth and death.

We call it by many names – a hobby, talent, passion, interests, gift, flair, etc. Whatever it is, it’s just a spark within us that explodes and helps spill out emotions or thoughts, leaving the mind and body in peace.

With challenges at every nook and corner in today’s fast-paced the world the AQ (attitude quotient) is most prime.

I am so glad and feel blessed to have the ability to spill out my emotions through words and poems. The process of putting words together, creating verses and the verses when placed one after another – birth happens.

Birth of a poem, that conveys my deepest thoughts and at times hidden thoughts that most times are invisible. They are between the lines and can be interpreted differently, person to person. Imaginations and seeing beyond a picture or thought, jotting them down effortlessly, ensuring the right words are used at the right place, and eventually conveying a message that touches the heart and soul are when my canvas is completed all ready to share.

Writing poems for happy occasions, celebrations for family and friends is a gift that is cherished and treasured for life.

It’s a gift that’s priceless and never gets out of fashion and that stays for life.

Life is so much like a trampoline, where the highs and lows go hand in hand. The day you land on the center of the trampoline is when you are born. After that, it’s a game of bouncing up and landing on the ground only to go up again.

In the process trying to adjust your flight downward and learning the strings with each one of those ups and downs. Along this route, you meet people, some stay with you and hold you when you slide down, some help you reach higher and are happy when you are able to achieve your goals.

At the same time, there are few who are happy to laugh at you as you fall and at times hurt yourself.

This bouncing game does not spare anyone, it’s also like a roulette table where some win, some lose, some stay, some leave and some just watch.

Having an outlet when down and low infuses you with energy to face the waves that are higher, mightier, rougher, and fiercer.

So, if you have an interest just plunge in and do what makes you happy with no care for the world. Paint with all the colors in your palette, write as much words than can flow from a bottomless barrel, sing and imagine the world is listening, dance till your feet ache, chisel and bring a stone to life…

The bottom line is ‘Just Do It’.

Wait not for a day which is perfect, because there is no such a day. It’s up to you to make it perfect and mould it like you wish it to be.

Hurt, both physical and emotional, leave bruises. Tears help vent it out to an extent. It’s your internal spark that helps you vent out the rest.

So, while I write when I am hurt, I am rest assured the ink will most certainly heal me.

Heal and hold my hand to write another chapter or another verse and help me turn a new page along the journey of life.

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3 years ago

Superbly articulated and well expressed!!!
It was so good to read and to actually think over it again!

Kathy Jane
Kathy Jane
3 years ago

It sure looks motivating on a Monday morning ?

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