Why TikTok should be banned in India?

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Is it a good time to be heading down the lane filled with cringe and unfiltered contents with some decent amount of talent tossed in somewhere? Let's get to know how TikTok made it's way to the top and why it should be banned in India?

TikTok isn’t just a videos sharing platform that surpassed Uber, as the world’s most valuable start-up. Its way more than that.

It’s actually the first Chinese company that is now valued at more than 75 billion dollars and the first Chinese company with a “significant, genuinely engaged following around the world,” according to The Verge. 

Actually, people really like it, be it for cracking some dance moves, to follow the trends or to do some cringe unhealthy expressions that when viewed, creates a sense of repugnance in the prefrontal side of the brain.

But the 800 million folks around the world are enjoying its never ending scrolling effects of watching millions and millions of short 10-15 seconds videos.

The Chinese company ByteDance which created this viral TikTok app acquired an app which was similar; Muscial.ly app for 1 billion dollars and then all the accounts of the people were then migrated to the TikTok platform.

The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) generally propels every social media platforms but TikTok has made it’s game a rather strong and addicting one.

The users can see various unknown people, singing to a pop song from the early nineties to choreographing their own corny dance moves to some new song albums.

I will be honest with you guys when I say that I have never been on TikTok.

The whole singular reason being that it could have been a great platform to propagate good and meaningful contents but now all it remains is a platform populated by creations, that are not at all filtered to be viewed by a general mass.

In a disturbing video uploaded by a user named Gajendra Rathor, two children can be seen lifting a dog on all fours before dumping it in a pond. The poor animal has its mouth, and limbs tied in ropes, making it impossible for it to swim or escape. The duo then mercilessly pelts stone at the animal. The video creator can be heard laughing in the background while saying, “The dog has lived for 4 years. It is now time to bid it goodbye.”
Source: OpIndia

That’s the end to my professional side of narration.

Now coming to my very much self opinion based narration of this app called TikTok, whose name signifies the clock ticking for this world to end because I will always prefer burning hydrochloric acid in my eyes, rather than watching TikTok.

Nowhere in the human race we thought about developing a technical platform, where middle aged men with all the facial features of a paedophile, are appearing to be squeezing their butt cheeks on a song and giving unreasonably the sexiest gestures for the ladies out there.

Indian Uncle in Action

Coming to this recent digital war between YouTube and TikTok, that is completely nerve wrecking and utterly idiotic; famously called as YouTube vs. TikTok, Content vs. Kontent or Carryminati vs. Amir Siddiqui.

It is a serious issue when people are way more concerned in this, rather than the plight of migrant workers who are still now, walking miles to reach their home.

Migrant workers walking in Uttar Pradesh.

The reason I do not support TikTok is because its contents are unfiltered and maybe promoting some nasty and inhumanly acts like animal cruelty, acid attack, poisoning the current boyfriend with the very famous poison drinking act, shooting with the fingers and creating an engaging 3 sided, 4 sided, pentagon, heptagon, hen-decagon love acts where a girl can be seen tossing from boy to boy or the inhumanly facial restructuring, imitating the Joker from the DC universe.

TikTok is seen featuring the most cringe worthy contents known to this humankind and one more reason to stay away from this is the never ending cases of pedophiles and sexual offenders in it.

Many cases of acts have been noted where an adult have asked a teenager or a child for his/her contact details.

Some cases were also there where creepy old fellas have asked for nudes to children who unknowingly have shared their private information in that platform.

In the Indian case study of TikTok, it is already a hit, where the brands, fame, money, girls, struggle, kontents etc and etc can be seen moving around, because Mr. Siddiqui has said so and it’s true.

The prime reason of why Carryminati’s video was removed, was because his statements regarding the TikTokers were used to harass the folks in the LGBTQ community.

So, we as Indians, have to learn how to ‘not associate’ gay people with TikTokers.

And we should stop calling them Chakkas because that’s a direct insult to the transgender community out there.

Revising the end concept of TikTok, it should be there, with all its brands and fame but with ‘Good contents’, rather than promoting acid attack or how to take revenge from a girl who left you for a guy with money

*I am a rider, provider. Bring the heat, girl
I will bring the fire… music playing in the background.

Or stealing the contents of other creators, we should be looking out at something which is being used by nearly 437 million Indians.

Tik Tok suspends Faizal Siddqui’s account after his video glorifying acid attack on women went viral

And if you are really going to express your emotions on a platform then ‘Atmanirbhar banno’ and download our Indian app named Roposo. In that way you are going to boost our economy rather than the urge to get attention from random people.

# TiktokHatao RoposoApnao  

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Ankita Behera
Ankita Behera
3 years ago

Wow ! So beautifully penned.
Atmanirbhar bano ???

Pallavi Mishra
Pallavi Mishra
3 years ago

An absolute A+ article. You have touched every aspect of the app. Doing a great job!?

3 years ago

It’s just wow…

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