Why Should We Study Abroad? And Why Not Here In Pakistan?

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Education is the backbone of any person who wants to know more about this world and trade. But how hard is it to receive this education in Pakistan? And after examining the conditions of the schools and colleges in Pakistan; why the students should study abroad?
Why Not Study Here In Pakistan?- The Uncharted Minds
Students studying in an University in the United States. (Photo: Reuters)

When you will get the admission in any foreign university and then definitely you will think for your departure towards your destination.

It’s my opinion that in our country, Pakistan, almost 70% of students want to study abroad. However, the remaining 30% want to pursue their studies in Pakistan.

In abroad universities, there is an abundance of facilities like everyone can ask the information from their teachers without any hesitation and they love to guide the students. The way they teach the students is breathtaking.

Moreover, this is the main thing, when will you meet different people from different countries, then definitely that interaction will boost you and it will give you a particular reason for studying abroad and also the atmosphere matters a lot.

Nowadays, the students are from the contemporary era, so everyone wants to learn how to speak in front of others, how to face the predicaments and how to give the return positively as well.

Furthermore, in Pakistan, the teachers don’t want to co-operate with the students, so they behave too violently. When you force them for any information then you will be humiliated, despite giving us limited information regarding our subject point of view because it is an eternal process.

Even though there is a lack of management, you couldn’t acquire your most salient documents at a given time.

Unfortunately, students study there because they are compulsive and can’t afford abroad. And also some students are here in Pakistan whose families don’t agree to go abroad.

Our purpose of the study is not merely to get knowledge of subjects.

However, education is our recognition. So, it is my perspective that everyone would rather study abroad than in Pakistan.

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Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh
3 years ago

I don’t know much about Pakistan but not everyone can afford to study abroad. It is way expensive.
What can be done is to make the education system of Pakistan better…
Then things can change.

Last edited 3 years ago by Pragya Singh
Shelly Mayhew
Shelly Mayhew
3 years ago

Instead of going abroad for studies, why not improve the education system there in Pakistan itself?
That way a whole lot of students can pursue higher education without having to travel abroad.

binance Anmeldungsbonus
21 days ago

Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

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