We Are Socially Connected, Mentally Disturbed and Practically Alone

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People think being alone makes you lonely, but I don’t think that’s true. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.

What does a conventional propagated human of this society need to last? Just an elementary social contact.

It’s been so imperative that we can go against all odds to maintain a social connection, with people who are practically not there for us, people who can neither rejoice in our gaiety nor mourn in our grief.

This act of owing people in our contact list but not in our lives leaves us mentally disturbed. This ultimate mental disturbance leads to mental illness which can initially be assertive to endure but later becomes fatal.

So what sows the seeds for other evils is nothing else but a social connection.

In our practical lives today, the so-called ‘Social life’, has been bound to take away our inner peace.

We barely get prostrated of scrolling down feeds which constantly keeps on turning us envious. We feel complexion of others’
possession and get distressed by not owing to the things owned by other people.

We don’t cherish them having more custody, more joys, and more happiness in their lives than us. Every time, we end up being contrastive to their and our lives.

We keep on comparing and judging people and things around both, thus, in the end, we forget the blessings we owe and remind ourselves a thousand times those we don’t. We end up criticizing ourselves not being best as of them.

Conclusively, we step in an artificial world where we tend to manifest things more intense than they are in real lives. We tend to show people that we are happier than we really are, the more and worthy possessions we owe, the more considerate and affectionate people we have in our lives. And this way, the clash of being the best continues. But this all mechanism takes away our real necessity, our ‘Peace of Mind’.

Engrossed in gratifying others, we often miss our own family interaction which is a real therapy of leading a prosperous life.

In such a race we avert our eyes from family members who wait for us all day long to get spare time and spend with.

For people who are definitely not going to give us the most in our sorrows, sufferings or joys, we gradually lose our actual soulmates.

All through this time, we become so strangers to our own family members that we cannot even turn to them to share our grief as already the rush of being the best-weakened family bonds. Everyone appears to chase their destined goal and this way, one’s feelings are wholly neglected.

It might seem easy to get amused alone, but being miserable lonely can be deadly.

This ultimate loneliness where we can neither ask our family to help us out as we nearly lost them while satisfying those who left our back or even never held, nor we can turn social contacts as this could ruin so-called our worthy ‘Reputation’.

Certainly, our journey with ourselves begins where we ourselves are victims of the adverse circumstances we owe.

Loneliness being universal human emotion could become both complex and unique to us meantime.

Because it has no single common cause, the prevention and treatment of this can potentially damage state of mind very

And if not prevented, it could harm us severely. The next level it gives births to is ‘Depression’ which thereby ends at suicide.

When we are left incapable of taking hold of the battle we are fighting in, the outcomes is the same. Or else, loneliness could lead us to cardiovascular diseases and strokes which can even be life threatening.

Our memory and learning gradually tries lessens and brain functions are totally altered resulting in the possibility of Alzheimer. Eventually, we tend to lose all our control and experience an anti-social behavior, unceasingly being excreted out. Just because we are not in our conscious anymore.

Thus we ruin our life completely by being an alcoholic or relying on drugs for pleasure.

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Kanza fatima
Kanza fatima
3 years ago

Yara I’m seriously glad to see your ideas superb yar the way u defined the whole scenario i hope after relating it will make people think of the reality ruining their lives. Amazing keep it up dear ?

Soumya Shree
3 years ago

Could you suggest something as in what could be done? Having said that, good work Laiba!

Aqsa abbasi
Aqsa abbasi
3 years ago

This is impressive.I’m impressed with your ability to write concisely. This piece of writing can help people a lot to know that they are ruining their lives while only using social media.

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