We Are All Perfectly Imperfect

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Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together. So it doesn't matter how much imperfect we are if we can embrace that imperfection to make ourselves a better person.
We Are All Perfectly Imperfect- The Uncharted Minds
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There is a misconception about people who are depressed. People around them think that they are the most broken ones; both physically and emotionally.

Well, being a depressed person myself, I have met with so many people who have shared their experiences with me. They have shared their personal life stories, what they have been going through, how broken they are and depression doesn’t run in their families.

So, the most perfect looking people were the most imperfect people and that is where I always say that you need to embrace all your imperfections.

Because nobody is perfect.

The society wants us to be a certain way but that is not the only way so how about accepting all our imperfections and let’s think about those people who need our help. Those people who want to share their stories but they are too scared because in society they have their particular place where they are considered to be most perfect people.

We all are all in pain somehow. Some a bit less or a bit more.

But we all need to embrace all those scars because our scars share the story of survival.

I have never seen anyone with an easy past. The people who are struggling even now are the people who are the strongest ones and all I want to say is that if someone looks at you and says that you are imperfect just say one thing that you are perfectly imperfect and that is perfectly alright!

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