War Of Words

We are constantly in debate as to how we can make this world a better place...but this is where we start!
Hands holding the world illustration
Illustration By Ben Blanchard

They said the world would never get better!
To which someone replied,
‘It would get better!’

It would get better:

When we stop playing the blame game
And start being accountable for our own mistakes!

When society stops playing the parcel,
Where girls are not daughters,
But only a mere gift handed
To husbands from fathers…

When women are not shushed for being confident and proud,
When men are not shamed for expressing their emotions aloud.

The world would definitely get better.

When we start teaching our kids how to earn respect and trust along with fame and success,

When mental health is taught in schools as the main subject,

When we make our kids aware of terms like consent,

When we teach them to choose love and peace over anything else!

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Kunal Joshi
Kunal Joshi
2 years ago

Megha I loved your writeup n the thought behind n a small correction “Megha means cloud/badal , rain is barkha,

Keep up the good work…

More power to you

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Rex Myers
Rex Myers
1 month ago

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