Walking In The Darkness

I'm Sorry for Everything That's Not Done. But Also for all that I haven't done in my Life. 'Walking In Darkness' is about what really goes inside the mind; when not a speck of light is falling on us...
Walking in the dark- The Uncharted Minds
Walking in the Dark

I’ve Cried Like a Baby

I’ve Crawled as a Toddler

I also Played and got Naughty as a Kid

Beaten Up as a Teenager Trying to Show a Good Way

Shouted and Insulted for Repeated Mistakes

Though I also Apologized for my Wrongdoings as a Kid

Care and Love was Provided for Me

Responsibilities and Sacrifices were Made for my Existence

I Loved and Trusted With all my Heart

I Messed Up and Apologized To Fix my Relationships

I Blamed and Hated Myself for Hurting Other Souls

I also used my own Heart to Pump Blood

Used my Breath to Breath The Moment when I Felt Lonely

Though there is so Much About me to Reveal

I’m Sorry for Everything That’s Not Done

But Also for all that I haven’t done in my Life

By Height, I’ve Grown Up

Mentally I Failed to be Wiser

But Maturity Continued Supporting My Kindness

Kind of Lifestyle and Character I have Chosen

None of my Mistakes I wish to Repeat

I Need more of a Chance to Prove a Change of Point

By the Name of Herman am Well Known

With Guilt in my Heart, I Apologize to Close an Open Chapter…

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3 years ago

Truly deep poetry!

Gabrielle Martin
Gabrielle Martin
3 years ago

Heartwarming lines…will he looking forward to many such poems!

Sarthak Roy
Sarthak Roy
3 years ago

It was good…The words are well formed to depict what was going through your head. Well done ?

Brent Parker
Brent Parker
3 years ago

Heart will be heavy when emotions runs dry…?

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