Truth Behind The Social Media

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"If you're not paying for the product, then you're the product." Social media is a marketplace that trades exclusively in human futures and if you think that you are there for information and knowledge then do monitor how much 'time' and 'information' you are consuming while scrolling through your news feed?
Truth Behind The Social Media- Delik House
Illustration Credits: Neo Mahlangu

What is social media?

Social media is a development in the digital world that helps users to create and share social information all over the world.

Free Access

We get everything in this world only in return for money. We get every services and access in exchange of some cost.

Then why the social media giants give us free access to create and operate our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pin interest, Google, etc?

We have to think about it. The matter is that they don’t ask for any money from us for making this accounts, but they are becoming the leading millionaires and billionaires in the world.

How are they doing this? And most importantly, why?


Have you ever thought that even when you create a Facebook account for a newborn baby? The next day it shows notifications and recommendations. Except the fact that it is a newborn baby, Facebook recommends many people under the tag of “You May Know This Person”. [LOL]

Politics, government schemes, and every important institutions and organisations can be changed and altered by exploiting the social media.

Slowly and steadily everyone is recognizing the impact of social media on our authentic life.

Every person in this world is getting unique notifications and recommendations daily.

Big Boss

Most of them don’t know this but most of us are getting addicted to these virtually connecting social handles without our knowing.

Illustration Credits: Raul Urias

Have you ever thought about how it works?

We don’t have time to think about it. Sorry, they don’t give us time to think about it as they engage us with tons and tons of posts and make us believe that these posts and information are our requirements.

Approximately, we may conclude that they control us. We have become their dolls and we are performing according to the movements of their engagement threads.

These are all possible because we have their power source.

That source is our DATA.

I Will Be Watching You

‘Walls Also Have Ears’, you must have heard about this proverb.

When you use mobiles or the internet, the fact is that the stuff you search on Google or YouTube or any other searching platforms on the internet. They store and operate your information. Sometimes when you call and speak to your friend there is a slight chance of them monitoring it too.

All of your call histories, search histories, video histories will predict your movements and can predict your next move. The future is being predicted by your history of internet usage.

For example, search for new bikes on google. within seconds or minutes. You can get recommendations on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. that show bike reviews, loans, offers, etc. At one stage it pushes us one or in another way to use their products. Many products are being pushed on to us in accordance with our requirements without our prior knowledge.

Data Bank

Our future is now depending mostly on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Machine learning is now being slowly incorporated into their AI and data banks so that our future will be designed and created. The machines will predict our requirements. The existing data will help each of these companies’ annual income and sales.

Cookies Collect Our Browsing History

Recently we have heard the news about our data being stolen regarding our banks details, Aadhar details and our logins. Many alleged reports are roaming daily and it has become their necessities.

If in YouTube boys with age 10 to 12 search and see videos of cartoons. Than any boy in the world at age 10 will receive recommendations of cartoons. This increases the usage of YouTube or any social media. So, visitors will use social media daily and the rapid time of spending on it is constantly increasing.

The companies are displaying advertisements and recommendations on every video and posts and at one stage when we plan to buy some stuff then automatically those advertisements will strike on our mind and we get sold as a customer for advertisers by social media.

Some say that the movie ‘Social Dilemma’ has exaggerated the situations, and they have advised throwing phones in the dustbins.

I am impressed by some fascinating quotes from the documentary. I have shown those things in my YouTube video.

Check That Out HERE!

We should know what is going on around us. Because that will give us an advantage of safeguarding our information.


  1. The first precaution is to turn off notifications in all social media and try to control many manipulations.
  2. Try to use apps according to your requirements.
  3. Don’t allow other apps to create or decide your requirements.
  4. Know and be aware that your every move is being noticed. Try to avoid using browsers that store your search history.
  5. Block many cookies and notifications after using it.
  6. Don’t believe in the news that is being shared on social media. Think whether that is true and then don’t get triggered by that shared news. Check it and aware.
  7. Don’t give mobiles, don’t create accounts on social media for children. Reduce the time of spending on social media by youngsters and children.
  8. If you see any news on social media, then cross-check it with all sources and then decide what to do with that information.
  9. Don’t get addicted and manipulated by social media.
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Aarav Sharma
Aarav Sharma
3 years ago

Got to see this documentary ‘Social Dilemma’ on Netflix then ?

Sagun Das
Sagun Das
3 years ago

Gotta admit that they have built this network that is now working as a NET to entangle all of us into depression and self worthlessness and many more.
Be real and stay real ?

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