The Room

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I opened my eyes when I found out that I was in a room. No windows, no open doors, just a room with large, white walls. Fortunately, a man came and introduced him as my husband. I didn't know him. I have never saw him in my life. Who was he? And where am I?

I’m lying on a bed, in a room with large, white walls. The room has no windows, just a door which is closed always.

I don’t know why I’m here.

I feel like being locked in a cage without outer glimpses of the world and nature.

I don’t know who I am, I don’t even remember my name. I think I’ve lost my memory. I was trying to memorize my past, concentrating hard, but got nothing.

Just a memory of me waking up in this plaid white room.

It’s been two days since I’m here in this room.

I was concentrating on my past when I heard footsteps. Footsteps approaching my room. I became happy but instantly I got feelings that something really wrong can happen too.

I waited for the door to be opened and then a man entered the room.

A man of mid-thirties.

He was tall, handsome, muscular, and well clothed. He came near to me and placed his palms on my cheeks and rubbed it.

I felt the warmth of his palms. I felt secured.

I wanted to ask a lot of questions but none came out when I opened my mouth.

He saw me struggling to ask and suddenly he spoke. A gentle and calm voice.

He asked ‘How are you darling? I hope you’ll be feeling better now.’

I don’t have any clue what he was saying.

I asked him ‘Who are you and who am I and why here?’

He looked shocked by the questions that I asked him.

He said nothing, just rubbed my palms.

Then he started ‘I’m Robert Bennett and you are Emily, my wife. Met an accident 2 weeks before and now you are awake.’ 

I was in a complete shock. I’m his wife. When did I married him? I don’t even know him and how I ended up here in this room and if he is my husband then why he locked me here in this room with no escape. I felt something really suspicious about this man.

I was still thinking when he shook me and said, ‘Darling, you don’t still remember me?’ This too shook me.

‘Now I’ve to examine you as you are still not recovering. And yes I’m your doctor as well.’

He left the room, left me with volcanoes of thoughts and suspicions.

I stopped thinking and looked over him. He had some equipment that he was going to use on me. He asked me to lie down on the bed and I did so.

He put that instrument on my head and then I felt electric shocks, intense, unbearable, nerve cracking.

I never thought to survive this. Few shocks later he stopped, I was at the edge of death but he pulled me back. Tears rolled down and I cried.

He smiled a devilish smile and left me in pain and complete shock.

I realized that I’m a victim here of his experiments and cruelty. I needed to escape from this monstrous room with a lot of dark secrets hidden behind its paint.

This ‘death to the edge’ procedure of mine continued for weeks. It’s been 2 months since I’m here. My face turned pale and my body is weaker than ever. My soul has been torn out.

In between these two months, he gave me shock treatments and raped me many times. I don’t feel like a human now. I’ve lost me, the real me died.

Left me in this onslaught extermination of my soul.

Now, I don’t have the courage to tolerate this anymore. I will die of a death that I would never want to if I stay here any longer.

I planned an escape. A plan for my freedom, for my soul. I was lying on the bed, fully naked to attract him, to invite him to have sex with me.

I was fully prepared.

He entered the room and saw me in his lustful eyes. He has already raped my body standing there.

He approached me. I tried to look comfortable, trying to hide my nervousness and hatred.

He put his instrument on the edge of the bed and started touching me. I hated every touch of him.

When I felt his mind is totally engrossed in my body, I took the opportunity and without wasting any moment I took that instrument and placed it in his head and triggered the button for the maximum level of shock.

I felt happy seeing him like this. My soul, my body, my everything relieved while seeing his body fighting to get relief from these shocks.

I became happy that now he realized the pain that he gave me.

In a few moments, he passed out. He was still breathing, shallow ones, fighting to inhale.

I dressed and ran from that room locking him inside. After leaving that room, I found myself in a mansion, a royal one with no living being.

I ran here and there until I found the exit. I ran and ran until I reached a police station. I told the officers everything that happened to me and took them to the place where he imprisoned me. He was still lying on the floor breathing. The policemen saw that room and took that instrument as a shred of evidence against him.

He was sent to jail. His property transferred to me.

It’s been five years of my freedom, freedom to live on my own aspects, to go anywhere, to meet anyone, to live on my terms.

I’m free now, forever.

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Brittany K Moore
Brittany K Moore
3 years ago

That lady was really his wife or just a victim of his sexual fantasies ?

Shaheeda Begum
Shaheeda Begum
3 years ago

So, was he a pervert who kidnapped women or was he the husband of the protagonist?

Kunal D Joshi
Kunal D Joshi
3 years ago

Congratulations on this beautiful piece of writing

Rahul Vemula
Rahul Vemula
3 years ago

Crazy! I like it

Keshav arora
Keshav arora
2 years ago

This story was fantastic ???????I liked it

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