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Indian media is struggling between survival and allegations, specifically during these circumstances. Are they right or not ? It's your choice as a citizen to choose but, Violence is never the way to silence.

Truth never finds a rosy way.

While Covid-19 is continuously spreading, a dagger pierced into the heart of India when assailants attacked Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami. Some aggressive members of Youth congress led the brutal conspiracy to attack not only at the star journalist but also at the very concept of liberty of expression. No excuses can justify this heinous act executed by members who hail to come from a political visionary party claiming to propagate peace since its birth.

Let us refrain from mentioning the peaceful movements escorted by Congress in establishing Partition 1947, Emergency 1975, and the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. A thick accent of Centre-leftism portrayed by Congressmen in the past few years has raised serious questions on their self-proclaimed science of ‘secularism’, ‘self-esteem’ or in other words, ‘preferential religious policymaking’.

Before the bloody separation of the Indian subcontinent, the socio-politico situations created ripples among revolutionaries fighting under the umbrella of the ‘Indian National Congress’. Jinnah’s Muslim League was very critical about the speculated character of INCs Operandi of drawing inspiration from Hinduism. Besides, the latter was highly opposed by the newly recognized Communists Party of India (CPI) who convened meeting in 1927 to oppose Gandhists and their vision of reforms.  After independence, the upsurge of right-wing nationalism slowly wiped out Congress’s vote bank schemes. Thus, Mrs. Gandhi’s era of pseudo-democracy and loggerheads with erstwhile ‘Janata Dal’ forced Congress to lean to far-leftism propagandists and muster minorities into confidence. How can Congress embrace Leftism as an ideologue that countered the very essence of India’s freedom struggle? The nation wants to know!

The outcry of India’s growing dissatisfaction against fascism of Indira Gandhi’s autocratic reign concluded one of the greatest genocide of India’s constitution- a 21-month Emergency. The order of Article 352 bestowed upon the Prime Minister to rule by decree, suspending elections and curbing civil liberties. The country was pushed into the darkest hour of ignorance, apart from hostility imposed by law safe-keepers by strict instructions put by Central Government. The secret agencies worked for a single hedonistic woman on the chair and choked the influence of people and media. And today, they are moral policing against a journalist who dares to question their dynastic misdeeds. Who gave them the right? The nation wants to know!

Instead of condemning without conditional words, a troop of so-called liberals has portrayed a ‘you reap what you sow’ attitude. Palghar mob lynching case is horrific indeed. Every individual ought to have denounced the incident, irrespective of the discriminations in political ideology. Mr. Goswami is one among those scanty reporters who have been vociferous against the malicious paradigm set by preachers who fuel hatred on social media platforms. The Twitter pundits disguised as dummy judges have already dispersed justice by slapping criminal charges against Arnab. Of course, he performed a grave crime of uttering the former name of Italian Princess Sonia Gandhi as ‘Antonio Maino’. Anyways, these intellectuals can prefix a Prime Minster as ‘Neech’, ‘Nampusak’, ‘Chor’, and whatnot. Shouldn’t Youth congress also punish these scholars? The nation wants to know!

Experts have manifested yet another trivial hypothesis behind the attack on Mr. Goswami. In recent days, India suffered a dent on its Press Freedom Index (PFI), slipping two positions behind. Strange to notice that corrupt countries like Ghana are ranked slightly above India while the United States of America, which maintains a phobia against Communists, remains far atop. The conspirators are versed that this attack would finally push our country a few places down in PFI. Ultimately, the blamed would be borne by the Modi government. Is there still some greater plot working behind? The nation wants to know!

Violence is never the way to silence. By the way, who gave Sonia’s Sena the authority to assault a journalist? The nation wants to know!

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Sheila Ray
Sheila Ray
3 years ago

I really hate Arnab…He is just a tool of the BJP government and a puppet.

bezplatn'y úcet na binance
6 days ago

Thank you for your sharing. I am worried that I lack creative ideas. It is your article that makes me full of hope. Thank you. But, I have a question, can you help me?

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