The Lie

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I know how much you suffered that night. The thoughts of your precious things being robbed right in front of your eyes. But what was the need to lie?
The Lie- The Uncharted Minds
Painting Credits: Paul Lovering

You told your mum you needed to go get some stuff down the street. Bewildered, she looked at you, her hands becked at the clock, ‘Don’t be late it’s almost 9 pm’

‘I won’t mum’, you kissed her on the forehead, gave a vacuous smile and left.

Unknowing to you, your sis eavesdropped on your conversation with that pervert, I think Mathew is his name. Flabbergasted, she paced around the house with a grimace, looked down at her wristwatch, ‘Jeeeeeeez! it’s almost 11 pm…I hope she’s fine?’ said the voice in her head. 

Your unnerved mum could take it no more, your little bro in the womb kept kicking ceaselessly like he knew you were in danger.

Earlier that evening, you guys had met at your usual spot, sitting on his lap, ruffling your hair affectionately, conversing, one of which he mentioned he will satisfy you today since you’ve been complaining of his performance. You got angry and started fuming, ‘I want to leave, it’s 11 pm already.’ 

‘Sorry baby but you can’t’ he replied and in a flash, five hefty men appeared from nowhere. They seemed to be coming towards your direction. 

The sight of the hefty guys made your feeble heart race frenziedly, fear swept off your feet, as hatred and regret engulfed your thoughts, you tried to scream but your voice seemed lost. The thoughts of running came but your legs were so glued to the ground that you couldn’t move.

Within two seconds they had undressed you, you attempted to fight back to no avail, they overpowered you and satisfy themselves one after the other…

It’s by God’s grace you got home by mid-morning.

Then the news broke out that your precious mum had died because she couldn’t bear the pain of losing her son after so many years of praying for one.

‘Oh my Sweet mum!’ you sobbed.

Maybe if you had told your mum about your relationship with Mathew, there wouldn’t have been any reason to tell a lie.

Maybe all these wouldn’t have happened.

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Kathy Jane
Kathy Jane
3 years ago

Truth and truth alone can make this world a beautiful place ♥️

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