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Education system in India has always been questioned for it's quality by comparing with other western education system. But, are the teachers here to blame? or is it our fault too?

Education in India is provided by the public sector as well as the private sectors with control and funding from the Central, State, and local governing bodies. Here teachers are expected to be the best in their respective subjects. 

After the birth of a baby, the parents become dead serious about the future of the child and his/her career. How my child can become a doctor, an engineer, or a scientist? They’d think. They join their child in the nursery classes and usually spend an awful lot in those initial years. To meet these large expenses, both the parents go for jobs that pays significant. And if both the parents are employed then the child depends on the teacher for his overall education.Here two questions arise, 

How can you find the best teacher?  

How will you become a good teacher for your child? 

In the current education world, many teachers are present and they have their styles and methods of enlightening the students. 

When the child is small and in 1st or 2nd standard, he/she captures the lessons easily, and all the members of the family think as if ‘Maa Saraswati’ or ‘Shri Ganesh’ has blessed this child. 

But eventually, some of them deviate from the path from becoming a ‘rocket scientist’ and lose their prodigy after those initial years. But why?

  1. Is it his/her fate? 
  2. Is it the result of their bad parenting? 
  3. Is it the result of a lack of good teachers?

Most probably the parent will not agree with the 1st and 2nd points because they have seen their child’s incredible thirst for knowledge earlier. So the trouble might be with the teachers and fingers would be raised at the educators.

In those types of cases, have you ever considered about other children like why your child became ‘less bright’ but other children grow up to be just fine?

NO! NO! NO! 

Just because of our egoistic attitude. Our tendency to ‘not take any responsibility’ when things go wrong and that’s our default character. 

We have never shown any respect for the teachers who teach us or our kids. 

Have you ever thought about the past of a teacher? 

The life story of a teacher is more painful than you think.  

Nowadays, people go for a teaching profession only because either of these reasons:

  1. He/she respects teaching as a profession.
  2. He/she has a better experience in a particular area. 
  3. He/she knows that time and tide waits for none. 
  4. He/she did the hard work to become an educator. 
  5. He/she might have a financial problem.

Yesterday, I saw a WhatsApp status on which some students were trolling their old teachers about their ways of teaching, and some time back someone gave another status that why online classes in India are a complete failure. 

What is the reason behind the failing of online classes in India?

**The simple answer of this is “For Us”** 

The fact is that we are not at all serious about our future. 

[Point to remember]:

Virat Kohli and Ronaldo play cricket and football respectively. They play for their career and passion and we (the trolling men) play with our career. 

Yes. I agree with you that some teachers are money minded and they are teaching students only for paper money and not sharing knowledge. There are some live examples such as a PGT teacher gets nearly 100,000 rupees from the state government and this fixed salary is secure till their retirement so they don’t give a heck about education. 

Reason: Students are completely in denial about their profession as a student and that’s true on so many levels, like the mass bunking, partying, etc. But some teachers are very sincere about duty. Although they are not getting money from the government or any private sector, they want to share their knowledge without ego and remember,

The best teacher allows his student to try and fail but never fail to try again.

They allow students to collaborate in tackling the most intriguing problems. They treat their student with respect, no matter how much the student is struggling. The best teacher trusts their students rather than blaming them. The teachers are judged based on experience. 

Then who is the perfect teacher & why?

  1. One who always is present in the life of a student and knowing that life is far bigger than academics.
  2. The person who understands your capabilities in the fields that you want to go to. 
  3. Money is his least of problems. 
  4. Dedicate an ample amount of time to his students. 
  5. The person with ZERO egos about his/her capabilities.
  6. Teach the value of education beyond a way to earn money. 
  7. The one who keeps the student motivated by various approaches.

So, teaching is an art. Teaching is conceptual, intellectual, abstract, concrete, creative, and sequential. A good teacher helps us become a good human being in society and a good citizen of the country. It is a profession that makes other professions, literally. So don’t underestimate the power of a teacher.

My genuine praise and salute for their efforts. They are our gems and should be respected as much as we respect our parents.

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3 years ago

Hats off to the thought

Kailash Singhdeo
Kailash Singhdeo
3 years ago

Teachers and educators are doing so much for the students that we should be respectful and grateful for them ?

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