That’s What Good Girls Do!

Girls are often told to cover their bodies, don't get too friendly with boys, do not pursue higher education, learn the household works, be submissive and get married within the boundaries of choices that their parents make. Because that's what good girls do! Is it our fault that we are born a woman? Why we are being told constantly how we are supposed to be? How we should live and behave?
Oppression of girls- The Uncharted Minds

I grew up in a mansion
surrounded by high technologies,
innumerable helper and caretakers,
and parents who raised us as good girls,
me and my elder sister.
Maa said good girls are good because
they cover their bodies with clothes,
there are people outside who are too moral
but our bare hands and legs can outrage them
that’s what Maa said,
cover yourself properly
because that’s what good girls do.

At class six, I had a boyfriend,
who was just a boy and a friend,
he would bring chocolates for me every day,
and we used to play together
until Maa caught me talking to him.
People don’t think highly of girls
who are publicly engaged with a boy,
that’s what Maa said,
never talk to a boy again
because that’s what good girls do.

Didi was the topper of the school at boards,
She wanted to study further,
She had dreams to fly higher and higher,
But when she asked Baba for his permission
she was gifted a tight slap on her soft cheeks,
his fingers were engraved on them
for the next few days.
Women are homemakers,
they should be perfectly trained to be a good one,
that’s what Maa said,
cook good food and be submissive
because that’s what good girls do.

Didi cried for months when
she was forced to learn the household chores,
there would be burn and bruises on her body,
she told me she loved someone
and he had promised to fulfil her dreams.
She ran away with the boy a few days later.
Maiyetri is dead to us,
shut your mouth if anyone asks about her
that’s what Maa said,
keep your lips shut
because that’s what good girls do.

This morning, they brought didi’s corpse,
she had red vermilion on her forehead,
they said the boy killed her,
everyone cursed her while I sat there numb.
Get ready to get married soon,
or you will face the same fate
that’s what Maa said,
marry the person whom your parents choose
because that’s what good girls do.

And now, the police is here with the boy’s corpse
they know Didi and her lover was murdered,
they are here to arrest Maa and Baba,
Maa calls me to testify for them,
I keep my mouth shut and eyes on Didi,
Maa slaps me twice and asks me to speak up,
I look at her and smile,
when all these years you stitched our tongues.
Why do you want me to speak up now?
I can’t talk to strangers and
I will keep my mouth shut because
Maa, that’s what you taught us.
Because that’s what good girls do.

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Jiya Kabir
Jiya Kabir
3 years ago

This is what we have to go through everyday… that’s not what good girls do but that is what a slave do!

Kunal D Joshi
Kunal D Joshi
3 years ago

wow great job , nicely written and covered the major areas of women problems

Sarthak Patnaik
Sarthak Patnaik
3 years ago

Commendable and sad that in this 21st century…Girls still have to suffer ?

Shahid Sengupta
Shahid Sengupta
3 years ago

This made me cry…well done ?

Kunal D Joshi
Kunal D Joshi
3 years ago

Wow, beautiful written

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