Tale Of Two Sisters

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The two sisters named Chavi and Devi lead completely different lives. One is prodigious and studious and another one is average. One gets compared to every other kid in terms of future and another one is left alone to lead a normal and average life. But what happened when they both grew up? Did the toxic parent expectations and 'race to be the best' changed anything in the sisters?
Isabel Seliger for NPR

This story has two lead characters Chavi and Devi.

Chavi and Devi are two sisters, Devi is the younger one. Chavi is the heartthrob of the house. Everyone love her, appreciate her, praise her.

Sometimes it feels like Devi doesn’t exist at all. Chavi has been getting good marks since her childhood. Her parents started comparing Chavi with every other child and Chavi enjoyed it because she felt proud as she is the best.

As she grows, there is no scope that she would lose any chance to become the star of the house. She always out stands. Her parents always bragged about Chavi’s qualities.

Outsiders also started comparing Chavi and Devi. Teachers, parents, neighbors, everyone compared them and that discouraged Devi.

But Devi is happy because she’s not under the spotlight. No one notices her and that’s what she wants. She do all the chores and chaos all the days. Never loses a single chance to explore and extend her boundaries of knowledge, although no one acknowledges her. She is high in the sky, flying without any restrictions.

She is never expected to do the right things, so there is no such deadline pressure building upon her. Whereas, the burden of expectations is choking Chavi’s breath.

Initially, she was happy competing with everyone, even with her sister. Then, she had become alone, depressed, insecure, laden with pessimism.

In the way of chasing her dreams and proving her parents that she is the best kid. She was left alone, she had no one to share her pain, to share her pressure, to share her anxiety. The family had made a rigid presumption that Chavi would be alright, she knows best about herself, she would be a winner.

Expecting yourself to be the winner will tire you up sometimes
Expecting yourself to be the winner will tire you up sometimes

Devi never cares for Chavi, because Chavi is a perfect girl as everyone brags about her. Devi thought she didn’t deserve praising as Chavi, because Devi knew her weakness and strengths. Devi never expected anything from anybody, she never felt jealous about Chavi. She didn’t have an aspiring goal. Whenever Devi failed to reach her daily goals, she accepts that and move on.

Chavi was always hard on her own-self, extra self-disciplinary and she denied forgiving herself for not completing her daily goals. She always set unrealistic goals and was overBURDENED when she failed to reach the goal.

Devi didn’t have high expectations so, whenever she failed, she spoke to herself, ‘It’s OKAY to fail, at least you tried. You have done a great job.’

Chavi never accepted her failures because she blindly followed the words of her parents that she can do anything. She also assumed herself as a gifted child, which she is not. She ends up messing up her life, career and emotions.

On the other hand, Devi is enjoying every second of life. She has no regrets and worries. She is not perfect, but just herself. She has her definitions for life. She never wanted her life to be defined by others. She is unwavering by anyone’s success or failure. She focuses only on her atomic habit. She is soaking the love of nature and pain of life with a smile.

For Devi, ‘Now is the most important time’.

‘Present’ is where she spends her most time. Devi has no worries for future and no scars of the past. Whereas Chavi’s health is deteriorating in both health and mental wise. She is scared of losing people, losing her possessions, losing her superior position.

Chavi rarely get to know anything about her abilities and disabilities.

Both Chavi and Devi had bad and good times in their life. They both have tragedies in their life. Chavi is shaken by unexpected bad events in her life.

Devi is unwaved by such tragedies. She never expected life to be fair, she never expected things to be perfect and according to her. So, whether life is torturous or scary, she never gives a fuck about it. She has a clear goal to live a happy and adventurous life and she can never give up on that.

Chavi after failing drastically in every sphere of her life, gave up on life, on her dreams and on herself. She is a living hell under her mind. She started talking too little, eating too little, sleeping too little.

Devi is also not a big shot, but she is satisfied by her own definition of success. Whereas Chavi is trapped by her ambitions, dreams and expectations. She is caged by her disbelief, fear and insecurities.


Everyone has there own definitions for life and success. Everyone is in pain and everyone is free to choose their happiness in life. Devi is in pain for not being praised or acknowledged by anybody. No-one cares for how she feels.

The same goes to Chavi, no one cares for her inner emotions, her mental health. Her ignorance led her to an unhappy life, her scars are more pitiful as she is unknowingly wearing a mask for people’s sake.

Her greed for success closed her doors for peace and happiness. She is screwed by the society and her parents, for whom Chavi is only a trophy for show off.


No one is perfect. Everyone is lacking something.

ACCEPT yourself and BELIEVE in yourself.

Make your definitions for life and success. It’s not necessary that the topper of your class is leading a happy life.

So, if you’re compared to anyone afterwards, don’t give a fuck about it.

If you’re satisfied with yourself then nothing really matters.

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3 years ago

Great story…??

Kathy Jane
Kathy Jane
3 years ago

Do every Indian parents are like these?
I have a few Indian friends whose parents are like very competitive and strict…they always are very serious about their children careers.

3 years ago

I loved this …such a meaningful,heart touching and inspiring story…great job shipra God bless you..

3 years ago

Great story dear??

3 years ago

Such A wonderful story

Deepanjoli Das
Deepanjoli Das
3 years ago

Wonderful ❣️
You did a great job beta.
Keep it up sip.
God bless you and keep going.

Stay blessed

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