Switch With Me

"It's dope to be black until it's hard to be black." 'Switch With Me' depicts the conditions of all those who were told every single day that racism is a myth but haven't even walked a day in the black's shoes.
Black Lives Matter- The Uncharted Minds
Credit: nadia_bormotova

Can you walk a day, a week, a month in my shoes?
Battle my battles?
Change my thoughts?
Make me feel secure about being me?

I hate my hair.
It’ll never be straight like yours.
I hate my nose.
It’s not straight or smooth.
I hate my skin.
It’s the first thing people notice.
It’s an extra weight I carry.

It’s always a worry when I want a tattoo.
Makeup is always an issue.
My self inflicted wounds will always show.
Never chosen first to be beautiful
Even then, the fight to be chosen
I give up automatically.

I’ll settle to be the coach, never the player.
My emotional Roller-coaster continues when I’m in public.
Too many times I get called sir.
For my height.
When I pull my hair back.
Because I decided to dress comfortably.
With no makeup.

So, what happens when the wrong person
Calls me a boy
Fills my body with bullets
Because who they see
I might fit the profile.

My stomach drops when I see police
I know good ones but, they all look alike
What happens when they can’t save me from their own?
Flip lives with me so I know what it feels like to know I have a leg in this race.

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Michael Adams
Michael Adams
3 years ago

Black lives matter and I do agree that it has been a roller coaster ride for us Americans against tackling racism and police Brutality…but we can make this world a better place.

3 years ago

Amazingly beautiful and true ❤️

Snigdha Singh
Snigdha Singh
3 years ago

Another black man killed in Wisconsin named Jacob Blake, while his children witnessed his death. What we are turning into nowadays? Shame on Police Department.

Drew Pleasant
Drew Pleasant
3 years ago

This shit is getting out of hand. Black is a colour and criminals don’t have a colour. To think that black means crime, then do have your head checked.

Kate LaClair
Kate LaClair
3 years ago

This is now becoming a trend…killing anyone in the name of law. This has to stop and should be stopped ASAP.

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