Sexual Questions

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Beauty provokes harassment, the law says, but it looks through men's eyes when deciding what provokes it.
Sexual Questions- Delik House

Sexual harassment is not about how much the teachers are horny.

It’s about the power to oppress, like the filthy rich use their money.

How do you get consent when you’re in a position of power,

where the fear of failure makes your prey cower?

I’m about to ask and answer some sexual questions

and stimulate your brains till you’re free from sexual tensions.

How do you enjoy sex when she is crying for help?

Even Eve was not mistreated by the man she ‘helped’.

Do you think the man is the ‘Head’ and the woman is the ‘Neck’?

That’s just the hierarchy of patriarchy!

What the heck!

Do you think women are driven by what they ‘Hear’ and men by what they ‘See’?

Why then do men enjoy music and women enjoy going to the movies?

Knowledge is freedom but what if your teachers are the oppressors?

Do we start to define ‘What is violence’ for professors?

Boys dress up, yet they are not attempting.

Yet they said the way the girls dress can be tempting

Do they feed on male bodies too like vultures?

What will they do on nude beaches and naked cultures?

How can you supervise a student you’re dating?

Your guts, your balls will surely become a plaything.

A sexual harassment bill will only slow the swinging of their pendulum.

We need to remove failure from education by editing the curriculum!

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Gaurav Omkar
Gaurav Omkar
2 years ago

Amazingly explained ?

Kunal Joshi
2 years ago

Nice, keep up the good work, I would love to read more from you…

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