Sex: Through The Lens of Economics

What if we look at 'Sex' through the lens of Economics? The men constitute the 'Demand' and the women are the 'Suppliers'. So, how does this horny workplace works in reality?

Sex is the most interesting thing for men and maybe ‘Not-So-Much’ necessary for women. 

Is that right?

Apart from the different perspectives of approaching something so private that we feel shy to talk about.

Let us mix ‘Sex’ with ‘Economics’.

Are you ready to explore the world of sex, from an economic perspective? 

So, if we think of sex as a commodity, then a marketplace will be the place where women are the sellers and men are the buyers. So, in this economic scenario, women are the resource holders and men constitute the resource buyers.

To understand how a marketplace works, let’s learn some basic forms of economics.

In the dynamics of supply and demand, when supply outnumbers demand, the people providing it have to go in terms with the people who want their service. In simpler terms, the price will be regulated by the buyers e.g. men.

On the other hand, when demand outruns supply, the resource holders (The resource holders, in this case, are the women if you are not paying attention in this Economy-101) have the authority to regulate the prices of their resources.

In simpler terms, 

Men = Demand

Women = Supplier

So, in this horny marketplace where demand is much more pronounced, women regulate the prices and to not confuse this ‘Price’ with ‘money’, because that’s the transaction of a prostitute.

Here the resources include time, attention, care, feelings, commitment for a long term relationship, status and a lot of things. So, men have to bring these emotional resources with them if they want to exchange these with ‘Sex’ from a woman.

These emotional pieces of baggage mostly decide if the woman agrees to exchange those resources with her body.

[Now if you think any more things are needed to exchange sex, then do mention them in the comments.]

Men’s greater desire for sex puts them at a considerable disadvantage, because of the theory of ‘Principe of least interest’.

The principle of least interest dictates that the one less invested in a relationship is the one who controls it. 

For example, if you love your partner more than she loves you, then she is the one who will control it no matter what you say. The one who is madly in love with the other person in the relationship will try everything to not end it or to save it.

So, the person who is not much invested in a relationship will control it.

P.S. Ladies and Gentlemen…If you have experienced this then my condolences to you but that’s how relationships are not meant to work.

Accordance with this principle, the fact that women are less sexually needy puts them in a position of power in sexual negotiations.

So, if the question arises like what makes the female sex so valuable?

The answer is evolution, folks.

Now a very important question of what does a man achieve in a sexual act? 

Answers include 

1. Orgasm is achieved (Pleasure to be more polite)

2. Sex increases his chances for more offspring.

3. Risks are minimal for him if at all he knows how to wear a condom.

On the other hand, women have to risk many more things compared to men when investing her body, for example:

1. Orgasm is not guaranteed.

2. Pregnancy is an issue (if at all the guy doesn’t know how to wear a condom).

3. Intercourse with multiple partners will not ensure her for more offspring.

So, sex for Men is a High profit / Low-risk investment while for women it is a Low profit / High-risk investment.

That’s why the ladies are reluctant to sell their resources while demand is pretty much high all the time. Since demand outnumbers supply, the price rises.

I will not let you guys bore anymore because now the interesting question we should be asking like how to decrease the price of sex so that men can enjoy it without having to invest so many resources in it.

The good news is that we can be able to enjoy that resource if at all we encourage the participation of women in all the fields that the men are prominent.

Be it the political arena, market space, educational institutes, jobs and other supposedly male-dominated sectors.

Research has shown that the economic and political liberation of women is positively correlated with greater availability of sex (Baumeister and Mendoza 2011).

Thus, men’s access to sex has turned out to be maximized not by keeping women in an economically disadvantaged and dependent condition, but instead by encouraging them to have an abundant access and opportunity.

In an important sense, the sexual revolution of the 1970s was itself a market correction. Once women had been granted wide opportunities for education and wealth, they no longer had to hold sex hostage (Baumeister and Twenge 2002).


The Biological evolution can be taken as a contest; in a heterosexual relationship, Men play it to attract a number of sexual partners and women play it to charm her body to attract a single male to produce the best off springs for the future generations.

I know that looking at such an interesting topic through the lens of economics can be boring but we can learn how men and women interact with each other, how sexual dynamics play a role in gender rivalry and why creepy uncles strategically interact with the ladies by asking them for nudes?

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3 years ago

This is by far the most innovative and educated way to look at sex…

Sehnaz Bosle
Sehnaz Bosle
3 years ago

This is by far the most interesting take on SEX…

3 years ago

This is 50% interesting and 50% boring. You know what I mean!

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