Sex Education – A Stereotype To Reality

In fact, I believe that we need better sex education in our own culture, here in India, so that young folks can learn about things like venereal diseases, premature pregnancies and many more, before they encounter it.
Sex education- The Uncharted Minds

SEX – I don’t know whether it’s a noun or verb or anything else, but it’s abusive and shameful to utter.

From time immemorial, I have been listening to it and still it continues…

Generation keeps changing, both revolution and evolution going on, but we all have been stocked at that STEREOTYPE thought and action for which we just keep making stupid excuses against the REALITY and nothing else.

So, what’s your opinion towards SEX?

Yes, think about it and do tell me whether it’s offensive to have a discussion on it and making awareness among our community, our society and ourselves OR just gonna ignore it.

Take the decision now.

Don’t remain silent always, because behind your stupid ignorance and silence, the engine keeps heating day by day and the consequences depend upon you and your actions because prevention is better than cure.

Look at the followings:-

  • While watching TV with our family, we are often called out of the room for some time or the channel is changed abruptly with an awkward feeling because of a Condom advertisement by Government of India for public safety and precautionary measure.
  • While buying a sanitary pad for his daughter, a father feels embarrassed to answer his son’s question and queries about that soft spongy Huggies like scented pad.
  • Menstrual cycle; commonly known as PERIODS, is one of the greatest examples of ignorance. In many parts of India, especially in backward areas of Odisha, people still totally unknown to this natural fact and they take it as a serious disease. There are many taboos about it, like restricting the menstruating girl from going kitchen, temples etc for 21 days just like COVID-19 QUARANTINE. This will be another vast topic if I disclose the whole stigma. So, let it be discussed in another part.
  • People keep judging about the attire of a girl and making stupid comments and acknowledgements (I’m not telling about fake feminists). When the bra strap is slightly out of the shoulder, people start questioning and there is a serious discussion going on as if it’s a very serious offence. What the fu*k is going on..!! It’s just a dress, everyone wears it. So why so shocked? Grow up toxic men & women!

So, tell me, what should be done to cure this type of sick mentality?

How can one be treated with equality and social dignity in the context of social stigmas like Sex etc.

What about the Government social awareness programmes like –KHUSI, POCSO ACT, HUM DO; HAMARE EK, BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO, SMALL FAMILY HAPPY FAMILY, AEP(ADOLESCENCE EDUCATION PROGRAMME), NACO etc. and many more, with different precautionary ads and short films?

Where’s the implementation of RIGHTS TO SEXUALITY EDUCATION?

How can one get proper knowledge about article 377 LGBTQIA?

The numbers of problems run in millions regarding this topic.

The only Solution is Awareness with proper NEED TO KNOW THE BASICS.

And for this, we need what?


Yes. It’s unavoidable and a must.

After 18+, you become an adult and you are verified by Google to use many restricted sites with your incognito. There’s no boundary there to stop you until you brake yourself. The curiosity goes on increasing day by day with the booster dose of your stimulating hormones and keeps maintaining the HIGH.

You keep exploring the secrets and revealing the mysteries with the help of different group chats like – BOIS LOCKER ROOM, GIRLS LOCKER ROOM, SNAPCHAT, INSTA, WHATSAPP GROUP etc.

Is it fair to let our children go online to have some knowledge about SEX and proceed in the direction of unwanted miseries?

You can understand it from the current BOIS LOCKER ROOM case. If we can’t able to provide the basics about sex then the little ones will not understand what is right or wrong.

They definitely will prefer to have it outside offline…

Looking forward, that’s the need of SEX EDUCATION among children with gender sensitivity.

The parents should be concerned about this to create a positive vibe at home. After all, there are always facts for myths.

So, act wisely and BE SURE, TO GET PURE otherwise the LOCKER ROOMS are there to enforce complete lock-down in your child’s career.


T&C: This content is completely based on personal views and doesn’t mean to affect anyone’s emotion or criticize them. It’s a small approach towards positivity and a move to conclude a change.

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Shahid Sen
Shahid Sen
3 years ago

‘Sex Education’ should be taught in every educational institutions and it should be mandatory to be learned about this.
Well done man to address this!

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