Scrolling Is The New Smoking

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Love People. Use Things. The opposite never works! Scrolling has become a drug that everybody seems to indulge in nowadays but what about the time and effort that we are putting out to these lifeless devices? Is it worth it to spend the majority of our lives inside a digital box?
Scrolling a mobile illustration- Delik House

“Addiction is a special kind of hell. It takes the soul of the addict and breaks the hearts of everyone who loves them.”

At some point in our lives, we all must have asked ourselves or complained that the relationships in our lives are no longer meaningful as no one really understands me. Right? We all must have experienced this.

But we often fail to recognize the real cause behind it. Have we ever tried to find out the reasons and the truth behind the same?

To successfully build anything, we need to invest in it.

Therefore, to have a strong emotional connection with the people in our lives, it is necessary to create space for vulnerable and authentic conversations. But we have built a wall between us and the everyday people in our lives.

Have we ever asked ourselves, how and why is that happening? We are spending most of our time on different social media platforms.

Social media has become a part of our lives illustration- Delik House
We are more ONLINE than we are OFFLINE

Scrolling has become a modern disease. Every other person is found incessantly staring at the evil mobile screens in their hands. It is not only deteriorating their mental health but also putting their social and psychological well being at stake. This big social is keeping us all inside a bubble and out of touch with humanity.

Just like smoking affects everyone (not only you but also the people around you), scrolling does the same. It might not look so dangerous but the impact it has on you and your close ones can be really shocking.

Scrolling is the new smoking illustration- Delik House
We bounce off from one app to another every time and still we cannot get enough of them

We all know that life on social media is not real. We post pictures and show things which we want to show to others, but what we often forget are that other people do the same.

Just to get a glimpse of other people’s GOOD LIVES, we scroll, scroll and scroll and end up comparing it with our lives and get depressed.

Using smartphone in the night image- Delik House
Sleep has been reduced to the time when we are tired of using our devices

The smoker knows that smoking kills but still smokes and in the same way, we people know that limitless scrolling destroys but we still scroll.

In the end, I would like to conclude with this quote;

‘Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell.’

So, scrolling is indeed the new smoking but there is always hope for revolution.

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Gaurav Omkar
Gaurav Omkar
2 years ago

Internet is turning out to be our home as we are spending hours and hours in that place…It is disturbing and painful to see people staring right at their phones Everytime ?

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