Prem Ratan 'Chicken Shawarma' Payo: The Story of a 'Shawarma Guy' Who Did It All For Love- Delik House

Prem Ratan ‘Chicken Shawarma’ Payo: The Story of a ‘Shawarma Guy’ Who Did It All For Love

A young lad named Suraj, who has a 'Chicken Shawarma' stall in Bhubaneswar, tells us his story of how did he end up selling shawarma and that's quite a romantic tale to be quite honest with you guys!

When we think of love stories, a pitaara of Yash Raj Films come to our mind with Shah Rukh Khan running through mustard fields towards Kajol.

That’s the over-romanticized Bollywood minds of ours that like to imagine love in that way. There’s another side to love though which is as tough as ‘Blue Valentine’ or even more than that.

And yes, it is in ordinary lives where true and complex love stories exist and that love truly has the power to motivate people to do a lot of things for the good.

Though, that doesn’t mean that you’ll comment ‘Ooo maa go turu lobh’ in our comment section.

(I am kidding…You can type that)

This time around we have a story of entrepreneurship for the bliss of happy loved life. This time around, at Delik House we have the story of Mr Mir Usmam Ali a.k.a. Suraj who owns a Shawarma stall. He had a story to tell and our platform wanted to amplify that.

Chicken Shawarma Grill

Unlike the other interviews where the interview was mediated in the writer’s terms, you readers will get to know the story in first person this time. 

What are we waiting for then?

Let’s jump in the shoes of a 24 years old boy who had his share of pain to settle in this cruel world.

‘I am Mir Usman Ali.

‘People here call me Suraj.’

Suraj in motion as customers pile up with orders

Sneak Peek Into My ‘Not-so-Bright’ Teenage Years

It’s been seven years since I left my home. In the 12th grade, I only managed to score a passing percentage. That was when I realized I had no future in academics. I decided to work in order to support my family.

Meanwhile another incident took place.

I got into a relationship with a girl who lived near my house and was also my classmate. Everything was smooth, but just like any other relationship, issues persist.

One day someone in my neighborhood told my mother about me having an affair with a girl. That day I had a serious argument with her. I felt like a failed son.

I had known by that time that studying further will not fetch me a job. I packed my bags and decided to leave my home. But leaving was not easy for anyone whom I was associated with.

My whole family was disturbed and didn’t want me to leave and I fought with them. The day I was leaving, the love of my life came to my house and hugged me, weeping and pleading me to not leave. It was tough. It was like a thousand veils falling from the overcast sky.

I begged her to not stop me because it was for her only. I was required to earn my living so that I can at least stand tall in this society and be able to take care of her.

Later that evening, her father came, getting to know that a scene was created and his daughter was crying ghastly. At that moment, I fell on my knees and touched his feet and told him I was leaving for the city to earn a livelihood and his daughter didn’t want me to leave. Then I left with the final message to her father saying,

‘Today, I am touching your feet and one day you would reckon why a guy in his youth touched my feet.’

Hopelessly Hopeful

While I was preparing to leave my house and days were pacing fast whle I inquired about the possible jobs in the nearby cities and towns, someone near my house told me to join the Army. As I was physically fit for it and my height is massallah fantastic!

I was happy for a moment but then he said it demanded 2 lakhs to get into the Army. Nowadays, if you don’t have money or talent, it is next to impossible to get a job. And that’s how another door closed for me.

My family tried to convince me to stay at home but by then I had decided that I had to do something to earn.

I promised my parents to send them money every month no matter how small it is. It was an emotional moment and I was just 16. A teenage boy who just finished his schooling. I knew nothing outside of my home and I was going out to be alone and earn.

This World Is Too (BIG) & (HARD) & (CRUEL)

In my venture into this big world, I was accompanied by one of my friends. After searching around for jobs for a whole week, we got work in a mushroom plant. I had no idea about the work but I was determined to work under any condition. 

The initial days were very difficult. Many a time, my friend used to cry as neither the working condition was favorable, nor the room was big, nor was the food good. But I had no other way but to continue with that as I didn’t want to return home.

One day while working, my friend was bitten by a snake. I took him to the hospital and he was admitted in the hospital for 3 days. After that incident, I felt that the place was not suitable for me to work.

I worked at that mushroom plant for 3 months. And fortunately I got a job in the rod binding business which paid me ₹5000 per month.

I can never forget those days, slogging from morning till the evening under the scorching sun to bind rods. Some days I had to feed on stale food too. Now I remember those days when to earn a small amount of money, I had to chip in every cell of my body to work.

LOVE is in the PAIN

In the meantime, I came to know that my beloved was getting married. Now that’s something you don’t want to hear. All this work to settle with her and the news of her marrying someone else!

Our 6 years of relationship kept flashing in front of my eyes. I remember, I slept hungry for some days and isolated myself. That shit hurts. Knowing the girl you love will be married off.

But due to some problem or maybe due to God’s grace, the marriage was stopped. Later I got to know that she fought with her family for me and that told them she won’t marry anyone else except me.

Now that is true love right there!


“It’s been 5 years since I am working in this Shawarma Roll shop. Now I earn well to support my family. She too works in a bank and earns more than me. Now that I have successfully convinced my family to marry her and the big news is that we are getting married soon.”

Suraj poses for a Picture but unfortunately his eyes were closed
(P.S. We do need good photographers and a good camera)

And the story ended on a happy note which is similar to Bollywood films. Our correspondent also got so emotional that he started to weep.

As a tradition, we ask him what would be his message for the readers.

And here’s what he said:

‘I want to tell everyone that if you are sure enough to continue your studies, please do that with dedication. But, if you feel you have no future by studying further, don’t waste your parent’s money and rather opt a different path to lead a happy life.

Because from my experience, I can tell that the money that your father earns is very difficult to come by and I learned it the hard way.

Now many educated students are coming to me asking how to do business. So, I would not recommend burning your money if you know your destiny.’

For Those Of You Who Loves ‘Shawarma’ – Here Is A Sneak Peek Behind Its Preparation

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Shilpa Pattnaik
Shilpa Pattnaik
2 years ago

Bahut struggle Kiya he Bhai ne…a perfect example of ‘Pyar Kiya toh darna Kya?’ ♥️

Tapas Nayak
Tapas Nayak
2 years ago

Pyar main bahut takat hoti he…?

2 years ago

Still better than the “Bollywood” love story ❣️❣️

Lokanath Swain
Lokanath Swain
2 years ago

Tahale seithi kahiba aaji tharu…Shawarma ?

Pragya Mishra
Pragya Mishra
2 years ago

Love can actually make you reach out to the things that looked impossible before…♥️
More power to Delik House and Ankita for doing this ?

Pratikshya Nayak
Pratikshya Nayak
2 years ago

“Accepting responsibility empowers u to create your own” this man just proved it?❤️?

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