Planning to Plant a Tree?

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Van Mahotsav is an annual tree-planting festival in India. It is necessary to plant a seedling because it teaches the awareness of trees among people.
Planting a tree

Globally, if conservation steps are not taken immediately, 289 million hectares of tropical forests, equal to the size of India, would be cleared between 2016 and 2050, as estimated by the Global Development Center.

The onset of monsoon normally begins in the first week of July in India, this week is considered perfect for tree plantation.

So, Van Mahotsav is typically a festival which lasts a week. Trees planted in this season have a better chance of survival because the heat is lower and the air and soil have a lot of moisture.

Van Mahotsav is an annual tree-planting festival initiated in 1950 by the Union Minister for Agriculture and Food, Shri Kulapati Kanaiyalal Munshi, the Government of India, to raise awareness about the importance of trees and forest conservation.

Since then, this planting campaign has taken multitudes around the country to the popular objective of growing green cover.

Room for growing trees or shrubs should not be a restriction. If they can not be grown outside, many varieties of fruiting and flowering plants such as hybrid mangoes, papaya, fig, Chiku, lemon, conifers, Japanese maple, banyan, rubber etc. can easily be grown in large pots or discarded drums and held on the terrace or balcony just outside the building.

This way, you can have the pleasure of eating your fruits after a few years. Also, some plants like Aloe vera, Areca Palm, Ficula, Ivy, Spider, Snake plant and Tulsi are a must-have at home as they help a lot in purifying indoor air.

So which tree are you planning to grow this year?

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3 years ago

Tree is an essential part of our survival…we should be planting them in a huge number…

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