Paid News: Secularism is a must for Hindus?

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Liberalism has got the worst chapter in today’s concept of journalism. It's really a toughie for the people to not be biased and get proper information. Let's dig deeper.
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The invisible parcels from the meat market of Wuhan reached every nook and cranny of the world.

Consequently, humans have caged themselves in their houses as mere hostages. The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused ripples upon lighthearted lifestyles. Innocents are losing lives as if bubbles bursting out from a tumbler of water. Scientists are burning candles all night to develop vaccines as soon as possible, to protect the endangering of Homo sapiens.

Mr.Trump’s ‘Chinese Virus’ jibe welcomed critical comments from all platforms of intelligentsias. His words are garnering hefty disparagement as ‘Fascist’ from so-called liberals.

Out of nowhere, jobless scholars drop to social media and lead flagships of content filled with overwhelming words of hatred and hostility. 

India is battling the pandemic with a remarkable spirit. The local conditions are much better as compared to the catastrophic circumstances prevailing in the Gulf, European, and Western countries.

The indomitable efforts of medical and paramedical staff have set exemplary in the field of disaster management.

Unfortunately, India had to equip herself to battle COVID-19 as well as the spark of immense dissatisfaction spawned by the ‘Nizamuddin Markaz’ incident held recently.

The Islamic preachers were first reluctant to submit themselves for medical examinations but Mr. Ajit Doval changed the scenario with his best diplomatic skills. But, his presence made the majority of Hindus feel insecure about their existence and arouse criticism for spoon-feeding minorities. The reaction is natural though discouraging.

The aftermath saw a series of fake videos and information flooding the web-space. People drew a contrast between the behavior of government towards minorities in India and Pakistan. Some sighted the biased insights of NGOs like Salyani International Trust in Pakistan that denied essential food supplies to poor Hindus and Christians. Perhaps, the detail is factually correct as it was published in many newsletters. These instances do create wrath, particularly when Corona Virus ubiquitously affects the world.

When the entire nation has sought to work together, political pundits have raged a battle against the nation. They are spitting venom on social media to bake opinions and incite people with equivalent leaning ideologies. One of them dared to tag ‘Biriyani’ as ‘Islamic’, without having a tint of an idea about the cuisine that has universal admiration.

A faithful ‘Islamophillic’ woman claims that Indians have stopped buying vegetables and groceries from Muslim vendors. In the wake, she warns public citing examples of top pharmaceutical companies operating to research a vaccine for COVID-19, having Muslim CEOs. 

Does that make any practical sense to deny humans if the vaccine is discovered!

Amid all these, writer Arundhati Roy jumps to some absurd conclusion about the Indian government trying to encourage genocide of Muslims. Moreover, misogynistic Netizens on Twitter came down to that filthiest level to slam Commonwealth Gold Medalist Babita Phogat for reproving ‘Nizamuddin’ incident.

In this time of gloom, counter critics have never claimed of corporate companies donating to ‘PM Care’ having Hindu proprietors, nor exaggerated Hindu temples donating lump sum amounts from their funds.  A majority of people have understood the need of the hour to sacrifice, instead of building hyperbole of their philanthropy. After all, generosity resides in sacrifice.

The nation got goosebumps when an old monk and his acquaintances were thrashed by a mob on suspicion of organ theft. The police turned out to be powerless at the wrath of the furious horde. The case raised serious fingers at the valor of trained and professionally stimulated cops. Meanwhile, the pseudo-secular brigades of Indian journalism are chilling out with Quarantine videos without uttering a single word of denunciation. 

Liberalism has got the worst chapter in today’s concept of journalism. Victimization has become a weapon to propagate vested principles of lubricating pluralistic being of India with the fatal poison of abhorrence. Reporters with such a mindset act as mafias to hijack information and hoodwink innocent new readers with the views of paid panelists. These self-proclaimed academicians possess knowledge without consciousness, questions without humbleness, and answers without truth.  The only vaccine to this era of ‘Paid News’ is to overcome ignorance.

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