Odyssey Of Reunion: A Book Through Pages of History

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An exclusive book review of a historical fiction that dates back to the Partition of British India into two independent dominion states, India and Pakistan in 1947. An amazing, nerve wrecking thriller that will take you to the streets of the country which was torn apart. But is it a worthy read?
The Odyssey Of Reunion- Delik House


New Idea always pulp in market. Indian market is an infinite deep sea of vivid ideas and creations scripted in mere pages of books. Amongst the millions out there, historical fictions are rarest of rare, ‘The Odyssey of Reunion’ being one such. But, no book can earn sympathy just out its uniqueness.

‘The Odyssey of Reunion’

A biangular factor recounts for the degree of book’s acceptability- plot and people’s love. As far as genre is concerned, mingling history, dates, events and imaginary characters are the distinctive elements invested to bring out the plot.

Author’s Meet

Thoughts have no genes. The historical thriller’s creationist Abhisek Pani does not share any professional liaison with history as subject. Being on-the-way technocrat, he loves discovering buried substances of past that were forced alienated by vested scholars and finally developing a story out of it.

Abhisek Pani was awarded the ‘Young Authors Award’ by ‘Pen in Books’ for his debut novel


The story throws light on the life mediocre in the wrap of Independence struggle. Murli is a small town boy who shapes his dreams and desires in Delhi. He was framed for sedition by the British, which eventually landed him into prison. Without a torch of hope, he had to spend nearly three decades in jail.

Out of bars, he had already shown symptoms of amnesia. Demography and dominions had changed by then. Accompanied by a local journalist, he sets to search his family and fulfill subtle promises made years ago.

The author promisingly delivers an out-of-box style of literature combined with relative economics, sociology and political scenario of pre-independence era. Especially to mention, the author lucidly sketches abstract aspects of key character like Murli. He concludes with the fact that human psychology is ever same, always in search of a little love, care and sympathy.


The best part is the linear story flow. The recitation nowhere demands for a deep pre-reading idea about dates and historical facts. In addition, the emotional corners of Murli as a stranger, lover, son, nephew and secret politician are embedded beautifully.


Absence of blurb forces a reader to take a long sip to understand the true taste of nectar. A crisp description about the story would have been congenial to strangers.

At times, the story moves slow. Descriptions turn to over-descriptions and thus a bit patience is expect on behalf of book lovers at midway.

Book’s Outreach

The book was launched at Kalinga Literary Fest in 2019 and since then it never looked back. Added to Konark Literary Festival-2019 and ‘Invincible Literary Awards’ at Gurgaon Literary Fest, the book accredited the author with Odisha Youth Awards-2019 as ‘Emerging Author’.

The Book was launched in the Kalinga Literary Festival
Abhisek Pani in Odisha Youth Award

‘The Odyssey of Reunion’ featured as India’s among ‘Top 100 Debut Novels’ under a survey led by Literatureslight and Critic Space Literary Journal, as per popularity and reviews. Nevertheless to pin point, many dignitaries including Odisha’s governor Shri Ganeshi Lal appreciated the creation.

Abhisek Pani in talks with the honorable Governor of Odisha; Shri Ganeshi Lal

Worthy To Read?

Anyone willing to discover a melodramatic narration picked from pages of Indian history, then it’s a must read.

To Buy the ‘The Odyssey Of Reunion’, jump on to Amazon.

The Odyssey of Reunion- Book Review- The Uncharted Minds
The Odyssey of Reunion- Available in Amazon
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Sai Suman
Sai Suman
3 years ago

Looks amazing…and the history related to partition is filled with horror and mysteries so can’t wait to read it

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