Nowhere To Go But Inside!

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I needed work, for my mother's wage was not enough for us. I applied for many jobs but no luck. Fortunately, a job came in the papers which was for the requirement of a babysitter. I immediately called and sealed the deal as I needed the money. But there was something strange about those people and their house. 'Something even more strange was there in the basement', I managed to go down in it but...
Basement Stairs- The Uncharted Minds
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Reaching 60s, I realized that my mother could no longer feed me with a conventional wage that she had been toiling for long.

My desires together with me were sprouting and it was then that I confronted the fact destining me to look for a job.

Maybe this has prevailed among every child raised by a single parent, I thought.

I triggered considering work however I was a girl with no qualifications, almost in need of no people with no work.

I was literally exasperated of not getting any replies trying after TV commercials and ads on newspapers and internet.

One day, my friend showed me a paper offering a job that was not really intriguing but because money for me was vital, I had to go for it anyways.

The bided job was of babysitting, requiring a liable damsel who can look after their children in a pretty positive way.

I called the number that was acknowledged by an amiable and cordial woman who conceded to employ me as a babysitter without having to meet in person initially.

Moreover, she wanted me to commence forth with the job that I longed for.

Although her backlash left I amazed but I still drove to her house the next morning.

There were five pleasing people in the family, with a couple having 3 children.

The house was comfortable yet exasperating.

I was directed to my room for the night until tomorrow when I was eventually told everything I was to do. The children were cordial and there wasn’t any tiring work I had to do, and so I was bored.

11 at night after dinner, everyone headed to their rooms but I to the TV launch.

On my way, I realized a basement, a sort of an underground room. For once I thought it was wrong to examine something without concern but I was inquisitive.

Proceeding into it, what I saw was unbelievable, I had lost faith in my eyes.

There were people who had been targeted with brutality and were left comatose and unconscious and some were even beaten to death. It seemed they were victims of war or any sort of communal violence.

Upon hearing their stories, I came to know they were all attendants to the house who had been fooled with an ad through a newspaper and were victims of such adverse circumstances.

They had been kept abreast that were now to get smuggled and traded to somewhere or nowhere…

The door opened with a thud at once, the couple was standing straight in my vision.

Was I also destined for such, or what else was my fate?

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Abhinay Roy
Abhinay Roy
3 years ago

So, she was killed in the basement Or she escaped?

3 years ago

Is she dead or lived to tell the tale? ??

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