Nothing Is More Dangerous Than Depression!

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We wonder if teachers ever realize that some of the students sitting in their class have serious mental illnesses and are collapsing under the pressure they put on them.
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Everybody knows about corona-virus.

It is evident that people are afraid of this disease, so for this, they are locked away in their homes.

I ask you the question, WHY?

Why are we afraid of this?
There are so many diseases in this world for which we cannot stay at home.

Do you know every forty seconds, one person dies?
Do you think that they died from Corona virus?


In every forty seconds, more people are dying from suicide, not from Corona but because of depression, which they have carried in their brain.

What is more dangerous?

Corona is not more dangerous than depression.

Every year, almost 800,000 people are committing suicide that is approximately close to a million.

On the other hand, Corona has killed 700,000 people.

Do you know students constitute the majority of victims of depression?

Why Students!

They are committing suicide because of depression.

A virus-like Corona had come to this world, killed people and then left the world.

But the more dangerous virus is ‘Depression’ which is burgeoning.

But the most horrible thing is that the suicide rate of students is rapidly increasing.
But nobody is talking about this virus. And that virus is increased by the overburden on the mind of students.

That overburden is filled by the family, school and universities.
Most students have a fear of being a ‘Failure’.

If they ‘fail’ they might be kicked out from the school or universities as well as they have been scared that what his family will take action.

Do you know some so many students have degrees but can’t get jobs?

This thing overburdens them too and when they lose power to fight against it.

They just thought about suicide.

‘Nothing is more dangerous than depression!’

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Jubair Ali
Jubair Ali
3 years ago

Students are really in grave danger as to how our education system is screwed. Good take on depression BTW!

3 years ago

Brilliant way to describe the situation and facts

3 years ago

Great thoughts. Fear has been always fatal disease.

Raza Ali Abro
Raza Ali Abro
3 years ago

I am supporting ur ideas, fact and figures. If u go in past like staring of 2000.2001 so on students were taught with some subjects and they did not pressurised even they were studying with fun but now days students are being pressurised if he or she would not secure commendable marks he/she would be fail in exams then I am sure that they will be depressed۔۔ As a result of it students might be commit suicide so I am requesting to all students kindly be punctual and focus on ur study if u will fail it doesn’t means that… Read more »

Tracy Jenner
Tracy Jenner
3 years ago

Amazingly beautiful and immensely necessary at this point…

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