No More Rape

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Rape is a terrible crime that happens every few minutes. Many go unreported as victims and perpetrators know each other in many cases. Should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? Of course. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women get raped because someone raped them.

What is rape?

When a man sexually abuses a woman, it is seen as rape.

No! It is more than that. It is not only physical abuse but also mental. Girls or women who experience such an incident are fully destroyed. It is so painful for them that their wounds remain for a lifetime. I think I have no words to describe their pain.

The incidents of rapes are increasing day by day.

According to the study of human rights, there is a rape once every two hours and a gang rape once an hour in Pakistan.

We have a dilemma that most of the cases are never reported due to family reputation. Almost 91.6% of cases are unreported in Pakistan.

Some people try to dig out ‘How this is happening not ‘Why’ this is happening?’

A few days back, a woman was raped by a gang in front of her children at a motorway (Pakistan) at night. Some people argued that why she went outside at night. So, they should respond to my question that what about those girls who are raped in the daytime.

It means that girls should stay only at their home. RIGHT?

So, what about those girls who are raped at their home? Disgusting rapists even rape 2 or 3 years old children to 80 years old women or even dead bodies at the graveyard.

Recently a three years old girl was raped by a gang and that girl could not bear such trauma and she died. Not only girls or women but also boys and animals are raped.

Some rapists kill them after the rape and some don’t, those girls are killing themselves if they don’t do so people add much intensity to their pain. They make their lives difficult for them.

It has been observed that people including men and women criticize victim girls for their undone sin. So, the heartbreaking question is, ‘What is their fault? Why do people blame those girls? And why those victimized girls lock themselves in their rooms and never interact with others? But the rapists fearlessly go outside and rape other girls. Why girls have to tolerate? What are we waiting for? Are we waiting for our turn?

As a human, we can feel psychological and emotional pain.

To resolve such issue, we should give the death penalty to the rapists so that it can set an example for all and other men would think at least a 1000 times before going for this life-destroying act.

Besides, women should raise their sons in a way that they grow up to be emotionally or psychologically stable and can respect every woman as their prior value as an integral part of their education.

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Mrs kashif
Mrs kashif
3 years ago

Yes its a big disaster of our lives may Allah gives protection from all the devils

Malaika Ghouri
Malaika Ghouri
3 years ago

True said Laiba Azeem, love the way she explained the issue and mentality of some people who are still blaming victims for getting raped. 

M. Azeem
M. Azeem
3 years ago

We should aware our society and also our children about the topic. We should raise our voice such those ugly people who destroyed the life of innocent children. Good thoughts. Keep it up.

Jaishree Tanaya
Jaishree Tanaya
3 years ago

It is the rapist who looses his honour not the victim.
Great quote by Kamala Basin ?

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