God can handle your doubt, anger, fear, grief, confusion, and questions. You can bring everything to him in prayer...You just have to wish for him to hear and all will be good.
Prayer Poem- The Uncharted Minds
Praying to God

O My Lord
Make My Country As Beautiful As A Garden,
Where All Birds Sing Their Songs Freely,
Where All Invite Each Other Towards Peace With A Smile,
Where The Gardener Would Make No Discrimination.
Save It From Corruption And Injustices,
And Spread Its Name And Fame Like The Rays Of Solar Sun.
Even The Farthest Galaxies Learn It By Hearts For Ages.

O My Lord
My Country Is Innocent And Pure Like My Mother.
I Bow Down With Respect Before Her Feet.
Let Me Sleep Forever On Her Paradise-Like Lap.
No True Well-Wisher Is On The Entire Earth Except Her.
She Loves Me Even I’m Culprit In People’s Sight.
Save Her From The Evil Eyes Of The Owls.
And Let My Brothers Protect Her Unitedly.

O My Lord
Hindus And Muslims Are Ancestral Brothers.
I’m Born Here, And So Were My Forefathers.
Only This Faith Of Worship Has Distanced Us.
While Lord Krishna And Prophet Muhammad Taught Love,
And Both Themselves Lived Happily With Other Faiths.
Give Us The Strength To Live Like Our True Leaders.
And Make Us Alert Of The Fake Politicians.

O My Lord
Make My Home A Shelter For The Helpless And Homeless,
Open Its Doors From All Sides For All Kinds Of Souls.
Who Are Wandering Hungry And Thirsty For Relief
I Know How Pricking This Damn Orphan Is!
As My Father Left Me All Alone Three Years Ago.
So I Can Feel What’s Wandering Onto A Burning Desert.
Give Me A Room Too To Stay With Snoring.

O My Lord
Make This Handful Dust A Shining Star.
Who’s Else Here Claiming To Be Able To Do?
All The Beggars Are Lamenting At Your Court:
The High & The Low, The Rich, & The Poor.
Your Mercy Is For All – The Sinners And The Saints.
Now Please End This Long Longing Waiting,
And Place Me Amongst The Complete Success.

O My Lord
Why Blame The Oppressors Of This Blue Earth?
While Life Is More Oppressive Than All The Cruel.
Who’s Happy Here Regarding The Extraordinary Life?
Each And Everyone Is Complaining From Some Heights,
‘If It’s A Written In Fate. Erase It Forever;
And Grant Me A Significant Lovely Life,
Where Are You? Where To Go? Who’ll Answer?

O My Lord
Make My Country Smile Like A Red Rose,
And Expand Her Fragrance To All Around,
Let No Autumn Touch The Drops Of Her Lips,
Even The Sky Would Talk Of Her Tremendous Tranquility,
The Stars Would Wish For Her Scent A Second,
And Yet The Myriads Of The Ocean Dream Of Her.
All The Flowers With Honor Prostrate Before Her.

O My Lord
You Revive The Dead.
You’re Merciful And Compassionate.
Please Enliven This Frozen Life Of Mine.
Who Else Can Do It? You’re Truly In A Claim.
Fulfill Your Promise And Make My Face Shine
Or All Are Standing Here To Mock At Me.
Who’ll Hold If You Quit My Needy Hand?
Come On, Shower On Me, Your Grace And Blessings Now.

O My Lord
I Fear Lest I Die Unpublished And Unappreciated.
I Fear Lest I Leave This World Like A Thousand Unknown Stars.
And Be Buried With Filthy Worms And Insects.
I Fear Lest My Own Blood Forgets Me Forever.
But If You Will, I Can Become A Bright Star-Like An Earthly Sun,
And Light The Full Dark World With My Pen.
That’s Sharper Than The Sword And The Gun.

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Tanuja Nayak
Tanuja Nayak
3 years ago

God bless us all…life is hard but have trust in the higher power and it will all be good and well!

Ted Samuels
Ted Samuels
3 years ago

Life can really be hopeful and helpful if we keep hoping for better things. More power to you Sarfaraz!

3 years ago

God is a matter of hope…if you have someone to hope to..then your hope will take you to higher strengths…

Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar
3 years ago

Nation will always be our God and showing respect towards it is our prime focus…

Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra
3 years ago

A must read poem ?

Kunal Joshi
3 years ago


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