My Lust

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My lust for love made me kill a man of honor. Isn't that surprising as to what love can do to you? It can make you do anything as long as you fear missing out the person whom you dearly love.
woman in prison- The Uncharted Minds
My lust for a man made me kill my own father.

It is a grave sin for a child to end her father’s life.

It is a crusade that anyone in my shoe will stage.

My parents are married!

Why can’t they let me get married to the man of my dreams?

I cannot imagine a life without him. I love him so much.

It’s either we get married or you both leave the planet earth.

Maybe they thought I was joking. Or I was insane.

Yeah, I’m madly in love with him that I’ve lost my sanity, Tochukwu is the only person that’ll make me sane.

‘Over my dead body will you get married to that boy, I’ve told you, he’s not wealthy enough to take care of you, you better realize that.’

‘Dad, I’m not after money, I’ve found true love, please Dad!’

‘Leave my presence now! I think you’ve lost your mind.’

Bangs Door

‘Daddy, it’s either I get married to him, or I will kill you.’

‘Go ahead and kill me because if I remain alive, I’ll never let you get married to that poverty striking young man.’

*stabs knife on Dad’s stomach*
Goodbye forever.

‘Did you kill your dad because of me?’

‘You’re crazy. I can’t get married to a murderer. I’m sorry it’s over between us.’

‘Oh my? You’re joking, right?’

‘I’m a damn serious girl. You’re insane. ‘

You’re my sanity darling.’

‘Don’t ever call me that, You murderer!’

‘I can murder my self just for you.’

‘You’re insane.’

‘You’re my sanity darling.’

‘Sorry madam, you’re under arrest, you are to remain silent, or we’ll use your words against you.’

‘Babe, but I did it because of you.’

‘To the extent of killing your parents?
Please take her away.’

The daughter waited a minute. A hurl of fear swept my feet at the sounds of dad’s voice, the hairs on my body stood, I struggled to mutter a word, but I went dumb. I saw his eyes.

They were misty when he looked at me. My weak heart raced frantically.

I’m sorry dad was all I could say.

Guess the prison yard is now my new home.

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Sylvia Beatrice Wairimu
Sylvia Beatrice Wairimu
3 years ago

I love it, you are so creative.

Ruchi Goyal
Ruchi Goyal
3 years ago

Parents are our biggest lovers and literally nobody loves us more than our mother and father!

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