My Journey To Baku, Azerbaijan

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I explored to Baku, Azerbaijan through AIESEC. The new people I met and the amazing things I got to know was valuable. Anyone who wants to visit any country should go through AIESEC. It is a great organization and a reliable one too.
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Late October, I decided to explore Baku, Azerbaijan. After a few days, I shared that planning to my close friend and I expected that he would join that tour.

However, he refused to go with me because of some critical conditions.

So, I decided to go alone.

A few days later, one friend met with me and he gave me an exquisite idea for the tour abroad, which was about AIESEC. At that time, I was unaware of AIESEC. However, he guided me very well and made my account on AIESEC.

Moreover, I searched for all the programs on the AIESEC website for Azerbaijan, and then I found a single one that was more suitable for me.

So finally, I applied for ‘DISCOVER AZERBAIJAN’. After submission of my application form, they contacted me for an interview. I was selected in the interview and completed all the formalities.

I was waiting for my departure day and to be honest I was jubilant to meet with different people.

On the 6th of December 2019, I arrived at Baku airport, Azerbaijan. The Airport was so beautiful and I was mesmerized.

After that, my friend took me to the hostel. There were also other AIESECERS, from different countries and I introduced myself.

But after a few hours, I was so bewildered and felt loneliness.

After two days, when I was with foreigners and everywhere we were going together on project time and in the rest of the time as well. The main thing which I noticed that they all were very benevolent and well hearted and I learned that in the 15 days that I spend with them.

To be honest, I learned an abundance of things from them because everyone had their ideas and own discussion topics. When you are interacting with different people which are from different countries then you’ll learn a lot, from a study point of view too.

It can also be a learning experience as to how should we interact with different people.

Even though, when my days were coming closer to go back to Pakistan, I wasn’t ready to leave these people but I had to come back.

It is my suggestion that everyone should visit any country through AIESEC for once. It is my experience that you will enjoy and will learn a lot and will make friends as well. Because positive and well thinker friends are enough for everyone rather than spending your time with those who don’t even deserve you.

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We deliver stories that are worth your time.

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