Listen Son!

They say real men don't cry. I want to ask them that who is making these rules? Crying doesn't mean a person is weak, but it means that the person has a heart.
Real men don't cry- The Uncharted Minds
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Why are you crying son,

Tell me for crying is natural,

Might sound weird but,

I take back all my words,

When I said to you ‘Men Don’t Cry!’,

I take back the anger,

That made me scold you for not being able to hold your tears,

I take back the teachings,

That a man should be hard rock by heart,

I take back the talks,

Where I said you don’t have to show let out your tears.

For men do have hearts, 

Boys that grow into men have to cry,

Like a forged spear,

You need to have been melted at some point,

Like shining gold coins,

You have to get filed again and again.

Listen son,

Don’t loosen your lacrimals but when need be,

Do it so well so won’t have to redo,

For the same reason son,

Never wet your cheeks,

For no reason son,

Never laugh at those who open-up,

For if eggs don’t break,

Their insides’ fate is death by rot,

For if the ground doesn’t break,

A seed does nothing but’s lost.

Listen son,

Kill the fear of being Broken,

Kill the feeling that crying is weak,

Feel everything and feel for everyone,

For by doing so a man will be born out of this,

This body that this boy is in,

This is food for soul,

Listen son I hope you do.

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Kate LaClair
Kate LaClair
3 years ago

It is okay to cry and it is normal to be crying as a man…What is not okay is the fact that to set a guideline what it takes to be a man…

Shaheer Shah
Shaheer Shah
3 years ago

Man up is the most dangerous line to hear…
Being man is special…Do not limit us to be an unemotional machine.

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