Life With And Without Expectations

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“If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed.” ― Sylvia Plath. The word 'Expectation' gives us a plethora of hope and disappointments, as success and happiness depends on us rather than somebody else. Start 'expecting' from yourself rather than others and embark on your own journey.
Life With And Without Expectations- The Uncharted Minds
Illustration Credit- Darius Foroux

In our life the word ‘Expectation’ is treacherous; therefore, we can’t live without this word. Because if you will expect anything from others and others are not responding as per your expectations then automatically you will feel queer and discomfort as well.

However, if you don’t expect anything from anyone, then you will feel yourself alone.

Sometimes, expectations can give you an abundance of raptures and these raptures will take to you from earth to the sky. At that time, whatever you want to do you will do it ecstatically.

But the most predicament is that when you are not acquiring anything despite having a plethora of expectations in your mind. It’s my perspective that don’t expect anything from anyone, even from your family too. Otherwise, you will be humiliated by those who don’t deserve you because respect matters a lot.

Moreover, don’t force or beseech anyone because of your own expectations if he/she can’t understand you, it means they don’t deserve you. So, just kick them off, let them go and embark your journey with those who deserve you.

You can’t live easily with expectations. However, you can spend your life without expectations. So, expectations will crack you, but this crack would be filled by not getting any expectations from anyone.

In addition, our future can be safe, and we also can reach our destinations without expecting. Sometimes, you might have seen or faced that, when you aren’t expecting anything from those whom you are talking, then definitely they will understand negatively that he/she is ignoring me; therefore, avoid from this danger word as much as you can, then you will breathe well.

Just do whatever you want and expect from yourself because you can fulfill your expectations by doing hard work with sincerity but no one else will take care of your expectations because you aren’t very much important for them.

But you are more important for yourself, so keep expecting from yourself and make yourself elated.

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Waqar Nazir
Waqar Nazir
3 years ago

I’m really contented to see my town’s youth to be more active and innovative.
Keep on this chain Dear Mubeen Memon.

Waqar Nazir Solangi.
District Naushahro Feroze

Dwayne Samson
Dwayne Samson
3 years ago

That’s true about expectations. If you have the courage then expect only from yourself.

Herman Dixit
Herman Dixit
3 years ago

Quite motivating ?

Khushbu Chokshi
Khushbu Chokshi
3 years ago

Life will be much simpler without expectations…the article was good though
Keep up the good work ?

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