Let’s Talk About Feminism

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Let's have a practical view, how the world and people in it perceive feminism. What we believe is not always right, we are often said that but again is it?

The 21st century’s so-called ‘Millennial Generation’ has brought about colossal changes in the way people think, act, react, etc.

But a colossal change shouldn’t be confused with a positive change, and when I say that, I’m not blaming this generation, rather signifying that Millennial Revolution when clashes with Positivist School of thought and Hypocrisy, the outcome are Propaganda and Pseudo Mentality which ultimately corrupts the whole understanding of needs of the generation.

I’ll elaborate it taking into account the most discussed, debated and misunderstood yields of this generation.

Although it’s being debated on since reasoning took over authoritarianism. Nevertheless, changing generation’s mind-sets never affected this misunderstanding, i.e., it’s been the same every time!


“Advocacy for Equality of Sexes in all Possible Aspects to ensure dignity” is what I believe feminism is about.

Too difficult to understand? Not really!

Scope for any ambiguity? Yes, what do all possible aspects mean?

Well, to that I’d reply- every opportunity, right, duty, rules, and regulation, transaction, interpretation, etc., where gender shouldn’t be a factor to distinguish or discriminate, but unfortunately is, maybe due to limited understanding of gender roles or baseless stereotyping based on some age-old practice which doesn’t even carry any relevance in today’s time.  

  • Who defined the gender role for you? Whoever it is, just ask them “WHY”.
  • Some say that “it’s a part of our culture”.
  • When did it become a part of our culture?
  • It’s rather a norm that is being followed for generations.
  • Does this make everyone contented?- NO,
  • Does it fulfill the current needs of this society- NO;

Well, that pretty much explains my point!

And by saying gender roles, I’m not just talking about women.

I’m pretty much talking about all the possible genders (although we aren’t aware of all possible genders/ we don’t accept them anyway).  

So, why did I start with talking about the “Millennial Generation”?  

It’s because the only problem with the older generation was, they either couldn’t understand feminism or even if they did, it was in a restricted manner due to the notion of “Angry Young Man” which cooked up male ego pretty easily.

But the problem with this generation is pretty complex. It occurs in 3 categories-

And amidst all these, I didn’t really talk about Trans-men or Trans-women or any other gender.

Not because I don’t acknowledge their existence or criticize their identity or orientation.

I believe that they’re the most feminist population you can find because they are rational, open-minded and tolerant!   

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Shaheer Shah
Shaheer Shah
3 years ago

It’s really understanding on how you have explained feminism!

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