Language Should Not Be A Barrier

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Without knowing a language, you are without a voice, without power. It is no wonder that people who have commanded a language can move masses with their voice alone. So, why language shouldn't be a barrier but a connecting link between culture and identity?
Language Should Not Be A Barrier- The Uncharted Minds

Language is a medium to facilitate communication. There are various types of languages used by animals (including the social animal-human beings) all over the world. Language can be used verbally as well as non-verbally.

There are so many different non-verbal ways of communication too.

A language helps us in coding our messages properly to promote clear communication. But at times, the language itself becomes a barrier in communication.

It can be of various types such as the wrong selection of language, wrong use of language, lack of confidence to speak a particular language, etc.

Language is also related to identity.

India is a great example of how language is a matter of identity. Few states of the country were formed on the basis of the language boundary during the division of states. It is a well-known fact that people in India are very sensitive towards their identity based on languages. There is certain intolerance towards specific languages in certain parts of the country.

That is the reason why India could never have a language as the sole national or official language. Though Hindi is accepted as the official language of the country but it is not the only official language. English remains the associate official language along with Hindi.

The Education system too could not escape from the problem. A three-language formula was implemented to ensure no language is ignored.

Language also becomes a matter of identity in another sense too. This is more inclined to the competence to use a particular language. Everyone knows that English is an international language.

Due to globalization, it has become unavoidable to have good communication skills in English. In this era of technology, competence in English has become even more indispensable. Professionals of any field, nowadays, need to have good communication skills in English.

Hence, the one who has better communication skills in the language can carve a niche for themselves in their professional field.

The example of Mr. Shashi Tharoor would be appropriate here. He is a renowned politician of India. But he has also earned certain fame for his mastery over the English language. That has provided him with a different identity.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor

It is also a fact that people having confidence in their communication skills tend to have a better personality. Students with better communication skills get most of the limelight.

As a teaching professional, I have come across so many students who, instead of having a lot of knowledge, fail to represent it owing to their lack of communication skills.

As I have said earlier, language is a facilitator of communication. It should not be a barrier.

People mostly wonder, ‘How to improve their communication skills in a certain language’.

The answer is very simple. Language is a matter of practice.

More practice fine-tunes any skill. One has to practice using the language in order not to let it be a barrier in their communication.

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Shaheer Shah
Shaheer Shah
3 years ago

That is true as to how a language is important…most importantly the English language.

Kathy Jane
Kathy Jane
3 years ago

It is true that language plays a huge role in defining your role and connectivity. People who know more than one language will find it easy to connect with as many as possible.
Nice take on this teacher’s day ?

Shatabdi Raut
Shatabdi Raut
3 years ago

Big fan ma’am ??

Last edited 3 years ago by Shatabdi Raut
Darina Ivanov
Darina Ivanov
3 years ago

We Russians don’t know English much…so whenever we visit any European countries or USA…it is hard for us to communicate and they treat us as gang members or mafia because of the prevalent Russian stereotypes… Language is a barrier I must say but judging someone on the basis of their place and language is very rude and immature.

Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar
3 years ago

Language can teach you about so many things about so many people. The stories you would get and the experiences you can listen to…it is so much more.

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