Kalinga Yuva Sena: An Organization Actively Working In Bhubaneswar To Create An Animal Friendly Society

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Kalinga Yuva Sena; an animal welfare organization serving the ill and injured animals of Bhubaneswar have come a long way. Their immense dedication to create an environment for animals and the humans to live happily is being recognized as they feed and treat countless number of animals everyday.
Kalinga Yuva Sena logo- Delik House

For those who dabble in anthropology, it is an irrefutable fact that humans and animals have had a long history. This history consists of companionship as in the case of dogs which is the oldest relationship as in the era which predates the agricultural revolution 12000 years ago, there was one fossil of a dog found buried right next to a human being.

A typical example of Saharan ‘Pastoral Neolithic’ rock art painted between somewhere 5000 BC and 2000 BC. This scene depicts a hunter walking with a spear and his hunting dog at his feet. The painting is located in Wadi Tashwinet, Tadrart Acacus, Libyan Sahara, Libya.

There’s another theory that claims that dogs have sharper canines as compared to their other cousins pointing towards the fact that dogs were domesticated and thus, they used to eat the leftover bones that humans discarded after consuming the meat of the game. 

So, it became necessary for dogs to have sharper teeth to eat the leftover bones. The next major relationship that humans developed was with cattle which began with the advent of the agricultural revolution 12,000 years ago where man domesticated cattle to cultivate and build civilizations rather than just being hunters and gatherers.

An old Egyptian painting depicting the relationship between Humans and Cattles when it came to farming

These relations have largely existed. But the bigger question is, have we really been that kind to other animals that we share the habitat with. By and large, humans have behaved like a toxic partner in a relationship where other animals have been at the receiving end. 

To give an example, 45,000 years ago when humans landed on the Australian island, they encountered the marsupials and within a matter of time, 23 out of 24 large mammals had become extinct. Although vagaries of nature were claimed to be the cause to form the alibi for humans but evidences point towards humans as the cause.

For eons, there have been man-wildlife conflicts. 

Cut to 2021 and we’re seeing a pandemic because man trespassed its limits.

In fact, there are a lot of human diseases which jumped from other animals. This has happened because of the intermingling of humans with animals directly; either by the encroachment of habitat or by the domestication of animals.

And the bigger question is, “Are we still doing enough? Is there a reluctance in acknowledging the rights of other animals!?

With rapid urbanisation, we still find ourselves converting forests into posh suburbs. Seeing the cases of animal neglect, torture, killings, and habitat loss, it seems that the approach is myopic.

Small puppies who have lost their mother in a road accident

Nowadays, there are talks of having one health approach which will take into account all the stakeholders of the ecosystem to come up with efficient solutions to these problems.

However many organizations have been working for animals in different regards, be it WWF for wildlife conservation or PETA for animal rights advocacy. 

Introduction to Kalinga Yuva Sena: An Animal Welfare Group In Bhubaneswar, Odisha

There are many unsung heroes in this sphere of work and this article is a good opportunity to shed light on an organisation named “Kalinga Yuva Sena” which has been working for animal welfare in Bhubaneswar for quite a long time now.

Our Delik House team came across this organisation and we took no time to get in touch with Bunty Das, who is one of the founding members of KYS.

This organisation started small with Chandrasekhar Das, the founder himself, his brother and three to four other members who were passionate about animals and wanted to do something as a giveback. Now the organization is a 120-150 members strong organisation, predominantly active in Northern Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

An injured cow is being treated in KYS’s shelter

How it all started?

The story of Kalinga Yuva Sena started 9 years ago when 18 years old Chandrasekhar saw an accident that involved a cow. A helpless teen, but a hopeful youth found his way in helping the cow and getting her treated. This moment of satisfaction and relief became the first block of the whole domino of the organisation. The primary aim of the organisation was to provide animals with basic welfare and reduce animal accidents at least.

Though this organisation is 9 years old, for the most part, it was just the frolics of the people in their youth but in the last 4 years, it has caught up steam and now they want to make it big.

Four years ago, they built a cow shelter and from there on, they have treated more than 500 cattle till now and if the on-spot minor treatment and rescue of other animals are included, that number goes up to 5000 animals. Three more cow shelters have been built till now, spread all across Bhubaneswar. They also happen to have their own ambulance which they use in reaching out to a particular animal and treat it or shift it to a veterinary centre if necessary.

The Cow shelter in Patia where they treat and feed the injured cattles
The vehicle used for their feeding drive and as an ambulance for the animals injured

However, one would wonder how they are treating cows without any expertise, isn’t it?

According to Bunty Das,

“The single most common problem that cattle face is of hoof and mouth disease which is a viral disease and requires prolonged care of around 10 days. This might be happening because of cattle not being vaccinated. These vaccination drives are carried out by the government every year but they might not have been able to vaccinate all of the cows.”

Jal Kundas Installation and Feeding Drive for the Stray animals in this Pandemic and Lockdown

Water tanks lined up in the warehouse waiting to be installed
‘No animal should die in this summer due to water shortage…’
This is the reason behind installing 400 Jal Kundas in the city

As a noble initiative, Kalinga Yuva Sena has installed around 400 water tanks in different places for the animals. The reason behind this huge installation is that no animal should go thirsty or die due to this summer heat in search of water.

We humans live in houses with our air conditioning systems to beat this heat but animals don’t have that much of resources as to where they can get water or food.

Monkeys being fed watermelon in Sikharchandi
Stray dogs are given rice and chicken or egg rice on days
Rice is being cooked to go on a feeding drive

One more hectic things they have been doing is that they have been feeding animals on a daily basis since the lockdown started in 2020 and that too with their own money. And this feeding process has been going on for a year now.

Somehow, some people have donated money but the expenses range around Rs. 20-25K per month as cattle feed itself is very expensive, quite higher than chicken or dog food that they are also buying to feed the stray dogs.

With these many feathers on their hat, they want to increase their outreach to the whole of Bhubaneswar, later to all of Odisha and beyond with the mission of advocating against animal cruelty, treating the sick and injured animals, and feeding them.

We, at The Delik House team, would urge you to help and contribute to them if possible for their noble cause. You can reach out to them through their social media handles or you can get in touch with them by giving a visit to their website at:


Visit their website to know more about them and get in touch

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Kanika Pradhan
Kanika Pradhan
2 years ago

These guys are doing a great job…I am more positive and happy to see so much love and effort ❤️

Gaurav Omkar
Gaurav Omkar
2 years ago

These are the people who we actually need in this world right now ♥️

Biswajeet Pradhan
Biswajeet Pradhan
2 years ago

Bahut bhala lagila janiki je ei mane lockdown samaya re khaiba dauchanti animals manaku…?

Michael Adams
Michael Adams
2 years ago

Great work…Need more people like these in this distressing time ♥️

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