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I was sent to kill Dr. Gretin, the terrorizing scientist but to kill him in his location is a bit difficult but fortunately I have abilities. To kill someone by not touching them. What would happen to Dr. Gretin? Will he be able to escape from death?
Psychic art- The Uncharted Minds
Image Credit: Conceptual Artwork is a photograph by Christian Darkin

I have great abilities.

I would not touch anyone but would be able to kill them. You might possibly think gas someone or extreme personal threats leading to suicides may be.

But no. It was something special.

I had been assigned to kill Dr. Gretin, a great terrorizing scientist.

His inventions had always been awarded, by those who love massacres.

I was assigned the task on behalf of the S-Community, who thrive to protect people.

His location was easily found. He was behind a double-storeyed building at Flarencia.

Me and Warren, we usually go together in this sort of work. He was just standing beside me, listening to all the technical stuff Dr. Gretin was blabbering to his assistant.

It was easy to deduce that he too was having difficulty in comprehending those stuff.

‘This umbrella is what is secure, outside this highly insecure. Anyone outside this is literally within my control. This is currently local, but imagine, if I could simply control anyone on this globe, then it would take a few minutes to finish the entire population’ concluded he with a devilish smile.

‘Sir, can you explain?’

‘Just enjoy the show! You never read the explanation of Nolan movies and then watch. You watch them, feel not satisfied what happened on the screen in front of you, you read the explanation’ saying this he pulled his assistant under the umbrella. 

Warren looked down. I had my eyes closed. 

‘Something terrible is going to happen and you are taking a peaceful nap!’ he shouted at me, keeping his voice as low as possible.

He kicked me on the back, and I managed myself from falling to the ground, we were on the first floor.

Some waves crossed our bodies, we felt a force dampening with time. 

‘Everything is now under my control’ shouted Dr. Gretin.

‘How do we test?’ asked his assistant.

‘I specifically chose this area, so that I could test it easily. There is only one guard sleeping at the rear door when we slipped past him.’

Both of them went near the guard, who was snoring. A tight slap. The placement was also perfect. He woke up with a jump and picked his stick.

‘Who dared?’ his tone was unclear from mainly two reasons – he had just woken up, and extreme anger.

The tone could not be explained well until you yourself have heard it.

‘There was a mosquito disturbing your sleep. You smashed it, we were just passing’ replied Dr. Gretin with an insurmountable amount of politeness.

He seemed to agree, and the more surprising fact was that he even apologized.

Steadily, both of them started walking on the stairs to the first floor.

We could just hear murmurs. Warren was sweating heavily.

Some areas were wet, which were otherwise not. I guessed incorrect – 

‘Washroom that way.’

‘Sweat, man’ replied he, and I gave a tiny show of incisors.

We walked towards the other building which was connected to this one through a sort of bridge.

We rushed to the other side. But it soon became quite clear that we were already noticed, and that is the motive behind his movement.

He was talking some random shit with his assistant but was quick enough to notice that there were two more guys, upon the first floor, peeking at them.

‘Let’s take the path to the second floor, I know a secret passage to escape from here into the forest. We can hide there, and then join the highway travelers in the night’ Warren insisted.

‘I want to confirm something, you go out and within ten minutes, you should go at least one kilometre away from here, you understand?’

‘Yeah, then meet you at the club in the night?’

‘Hope so.’

I rushed downstairs.

I watched both of them coming downstairs when I reached near the guard. He was snoring, and that was a relief for me. Well, I too gave a tight slap.

‘Who dared?’ 

‘Sir it was a gunshot, you have a family, I don’t have. Dacoits are here, rush now, as fast as you can. I will handle them’ and he rushed far away from there.

I smiled when his visibility was no more.

‘I should have guessed. It was you and that side-kick of yours, Warren.’ I heard the voice of Dr. Gretin behind me.

He pushed me and took the gun out of my pockets.

I turned back. 

‘Shoot me? Ah, you can’t!’ mocked I.

I stared at him.

He never took the aim. He knew about me – if I die here, I wake up, and they both will be dead in reality while captured in my dream.

His best chance was to stop me from waking. At that very moment, his assistant snatched the gun from his hand.

‘You should have run’ said Dr. Gretin’s assistant.

‘It’s a trap!’ Dr. Gretin shouted.

His assistant ignored him and took the aim.

I smiled; the bullet hit.

I woke up. Was I asleep? I was sleeping the whole time, Dr. Gretin’s assistant had no idea we were all in my dream.

I could take the reality to my dream, and snap out of it leaving my foes stranded there forever. 

The sun was almost down. A beautiful scenario that was. The guard was not down there, Warren must have reached the highway.

I walked some distance and booked a taxi.

I was successful, two more down.

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Subha Satya Dash
Subha Satya Dash
3 years ago

A Good Read!

Abhinash Singhdeo
Abhinash Singhdeo
3 years ago

Woww… Awesomely written thriller ?

Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks
3 years ago

So, he can kill people in his dreams?
Or the other way around. I am confused ?

Aniket Das
Aniket Das
3 years ago

Wow! You can even write a sequel to ‘Inception’ !

Daniel Silver
Daniel Silver
3 years ago

Ohh he killed them in his dream then…
I need this kind of superpowers

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