Invaded Privacy

As Gabriel García Márquez once said, 'All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.' But with coming up of internet and social media, things are a little different. Especially for women, who are a constant target of men who ask around for their private pictures or sending their objectionable photos. But what should be done to stop it?
woman looking at her phone regarding privacy issues
Illustration Credits: Daniel Garcia

Dear child don’t be fooled by them
Who is them, you ask?
Where are they?
How do you meet them?
Why are they against me?
You can ask all you want but won’t find the answer
They live amongst us

They invaded our privacy
They sent things not meant for our eyes
They asked to see our holy temples
They don’t care about how we feel
Yet they claim to love us
Is that even love or disrespect?
Sometimes they haunt us daily
We even afraid to answer a simple friend request, for we ask
Is it real or they want something

We can’t keep on running every day
We need to live free and in peace
We want to be able to post a picture without being asked for more
They ask we say ‘No’,
Yet they still come back again
What can one do to recover their privacy?

We live in a world full of temptation and deceit.
A world full of lies, where money can buy anything.
A single paper can make one drop everything.
Remember you still have a life ahead.
Be careful what you share for it may haunt you ahead.
Dear child, when they try to invade your privacy, move away!
Be safe.
Remember to love yourself first.

This is enough!
Stop invading our privacy!
Leave us alone!
We deserve better
Let’s get back our privacy!

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24 days ago

Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

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