International Day Of The Girl Child: Are The Girls Really Safe Today?

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The International Day of the Girl Child is being celebrated every year on October 11. The main objective of this day is to empower women and help them to get their rights so that they can face the challenges all over the world and meet their needs. But is there any changes visible in the conditions of girls and women?
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An Introduction

On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution named #A/RES/66/170. This resolution was in light of a legitimate concern for the girl children and women’s privileges as the UN was very much aware of the discrimination happing against women and the girl children.

The Vision & Mission

To build consciousness of gender inequality and the abuse faced by the women internationally and to stop child marriages, likewise to encourage the women with all the basic liberty like the privilege of training, clinical consideration, institutions, lawful rights and to stop savagery against women like domestic violence, forced marriages, women trafficking, rape and so on. The list of wrongdoings with women and girls is endless.

Importance of the International Day of the Girl Child

As of now, the total population of the globe is approx. 700,00,00,000, out of which 49.6% are females. Which makes it 347,20,00,000. It is an enormous number of people that are being abused and persecuted just on the basis of the gender. So, it makes it significant for the UN and for the mankind to plan something for the spare portion of the world’s total populace. 

The off chance that we take only 10% of 3472000000 women are abused; it is as yet a serious deal so it makes the issue necessary because even a 10% of such a huge populace is a tremendous number and whenever accepted, this 10% of the absolute females of the world is getting into bad behavior or are been mistreated is a route to a serious deal.

A survey shows that educated girls are less perceptible to contract HIV, and when women are told, there ends up being more situations for everyone.

According to the Malala Store, if all young ladies went to class for an exceptionally lengthy time-span, low and focus pay countries could add $92 billion to their economies consistently. Likewise, when nations try to show the aggregate of their adolescents as opposed to just the youngsters, they cut their risk of war by half. 

As a matter of fact, more than 130,000,000 girls are out of school the world over.

Aside from China, one out of three girl children are hitched before their eighteenth birthday—which infers 47,700 young girls are constrained into underage relationships reliably 

At any rate, 500,000,000 women and young girls don’t have a private spot to change their sterile affirmation—a reality that prompts prophylactic bundle ailments and fewer girls in school.

Top 3 Central Govt. Girl Child Schemes in India

1. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (Source Wikipedia)

The scheme Beti Bacho Beti Padhao is a central govt, scheme and the theme of this scheme is to save female foeticides.To prevent that, govt has made such great rules that no clinic or doctor and parents shall be doing it and if found then there would be a fine of INR 1000 or jail for 3 years or both as per (PCPNDT) Act in 2004.

Key goals of this social government assistance plot for the girl child include: 

  • Forestalling sex one-sided specific premature births 
  • Guaranteeing endurance and security of the girl child in the outset 
  • Guaranteeing instruction and interest of the girl child.

2. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

This scheme is also run by the Govt of India for prevention of female foeticides. The theme of this scheme is to support the girl child and her caretaker with the financial aspect, it is an extension of the “Beti Bacho Beti Padhao” scheme because initially it was concerned to save the girl child from female foeticide. But now it’s for the education of girls and for the caretakers/parents in this scheme, the girl child who is 10 years old or less can open a saving bank account under this scheme. This scheme helps the guardian or the caretaker of the girl child a more rate of interest and some tax benefits.

For more information click here.

3. Balika Samriddhi Yojana

This scheme coves families with 2 girls born after 15th August 1997 for a family below the poverty line, under this scheme the govt, is giving one-time INR 500 to the mother giving birth to a girl child and this is only applicable to the people of below the poverty line.  

When going to class, a girl child can get a yearly grant from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000 till 10th.

Withdrawal office of parity sum accessible after the young lady kid turns 18 years of age is as yet unmarried. 

My Viewpoint 

Above all else, happy international day of the girl child 2020.Presently, in India, we have a great deal of schemes for girl saving, education, and empowerment initiatives are already run by central and state governments.Yet at the same time, the current year’s gender parity index by UNESCO expresses that India is at 151st position out of 153 nations, which implies that the proportion of men over women is something beyond noticeably awful in India and to remunerate that Govt. of India is having a go at nothing.

Because according to me, simply making plans won’t help our general public and ladies rather govt ought to teach our nation and govt. ought to likewise work for women’s rights. 

Presently I am leaving you all with an unavoidable question:

Are the plans of the state or the central govt chipping away at the genuine ground or they are working just on papers?

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Vikram Singh Chhikara
Vikram Singh Chhikara
3 years ago

Well said. No.1 article

Abhinay Roy
Abhinay Roy
3 years ago

Informative article mate…Well done on the facts and figures ?

Drew Pleasant
Drew Pleasant
3 years ago

India is a huge country with hundreds cases of rapes and dowry murders. It is sad to see the largest democracy in ruins…

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