I Was Always Here For You!

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There are far too many silent sufferers. Not because they don't yearn to reach out, but because they've tried and found no one who cares...

I’m always here for you… she said, to be sure he would remember. Two friends, lovers, connected by mysterious memories.

She was always quiet, modest, never appreciated. She heard the happy laughter of children, playing with her sand, building castles, collecting stones, seashells, creating their own kingdom. She listened to the words of love whispered by lovers looking at the ocean…at him…

I’m always here for you…
and he…shore-less, scary and beautiful, deep and mysterious. He was like an island, surrounded by her, to show his beauty… she calmed his anger, she was always near to share his joy and sadness.

She agreed to be his toy, to be hurt when his wrathful waves cut into her land, taking her identity away to nowhere.
He, him, about him. It was her life, her destiny. To show the whole world his incredible beauty.

‘Let’s be for the world, for people, let’s be an inspiration, let’s make people’s lives better, let’s give them an experience, memories they won’t find anywhere else. Together. I’m always here for you…’

The sun looked down at them from the sky, touching his dark waves to make them look like a thousand stars, sharing in its glow, impartially, between his unacknowledged depth and her bright yellow kingdom.

He was quiet, surrounded by his protector, admired by many. “Are you happy?” she asked…but he didn’t answer. Not to her.

Beneath the dark waves, he kept his secrets, his addictions.

Fish, many of them; slim, colorful, he called them: my gorgeous, stunning, ravishingly beautiful, absolutely awesome, princess, the most beautiful creature I learned to know, divinely beautiful, amazing… Every morning he checked the depths to look at them, to enjoy their movements or to find new ones…

Every day he made them feel like they are the most important in his life.
‘It’s your home, girls. Swim as much as you want, let me look at you, surprise me, listen to my comments, deserve my attention. It’s me, I met the sky, I order the sun’s beauty to make you look amazing, for me. Follow me.’

I’m here for you, said the beach, trying to remind him of her presence. Adored by many, she was waiting for him seeing all his attention given to others, she didn’t listen when people told her ..

‘Oh! He is a cruel, an emotional player. He will destroy you…go away..go’
She didn’t listen.

‘Hey, good morning. I’m here for you. Look at the sky. Such beautiful weather. I heard yesterday that someone said how beautiful you are, how awesome it is to touch your waves. I love it too. Your touch brings happiness into my life. I’m always here for you…’

Suddenly, she felt the first wave of his anger, rising like the tide. His scary roar filled the air. She was looking at his strength destroying
her step by step. His beautiful sand seemed to be dying in the waves.

‘What are you..? Why?’

‘You are no one. Remember, no one. I can do what I want. It’s me, remember, remember!!! I don’t see any future with you, we are done, forever…’

Are you dying? Do I care? No! Just let you know! No! No! I can do what I want! I can! I’m! Me! About me! Only me!

He was shouting, locking her down slowly. Her tears mixed with the stones which slapped at her existence. I’m always here for you…
she whispered, begging for her life to be saved. I was here…

The torn ocean’s roar became calm. He took into its depth all their secrets. Her death was his joy. He came back to his fish:

‘You are gorgeous, you look so beautiful today, stunning colors, yes honey, yes. I’m here for you. And for you too.’

Everyone had simply to believe what they saw, no questions, no answers, the truth is hidden inside his self-centered abyss.

Hers was sacrifice, pain, tears, death. His, victory. He shut her up, forever. And people enjoyed his view again, curious of what immeasurable beauty he kept under those shining waves.

Forever? She saw the light…

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Partha Das
Partha Das
3 years ago

? good one.

3 years ago

He would regret after he lost you…

Last edited 3 years ago by Akash Rout
Halalisani Mnqayi
Halalisani Mnqayi
3 years ago

Most of us thrust away people who love us to people we like.

Lorraine Norton
Lorraine Norton
2 years ago

I loved reading that. It is very creative, sad but beautifully told. Sometimes people abuse love. That’s dad too as they might never really find it again.

Leyla Strickland
9 months ago

very informative articles or reviews at this time.

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