Fake Case Of Rape: How A False Case Of Rape Can Kill An Innocent?

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According to FBI statistics, false accusations of rape are no more common than for other crimes. Judging someone's character based on the words of another is utter stupidity. Instead, studying the motives behind the words of the person casting the bad judgment is what we must do.
Fake Case Of Rape: How A False Case Of Rape Can Kill An Innocent?
Illustration Credits - North Texas Daily Report By - Chance Townsend

Ravi and Smitha have recently shifted from Saharanpur village to Mumbai for their only son Rinku’s education and for giving him a good life.

Ravi used to work in the village local beer shop and Smitha managed the household chores. Their decision of moving to Mumbai changed their lives forever.

Ravi: Smitha…Everything is so expensive here. I don’t think we can survive here.

Smitha: Don’t worry we will find somewhere to stay by tomorrow.
(Next day Ravi finds an affordable house to stay and he goes on to find a job for himself.)

After 2 Days

Ravi: Smitha…I will be working as a Bartender. They give quite a good salary. The bar you remember we saw near the railway station? I will be working there.

Smitha: That’s great. I will find some work from myself too, then we can send Rinku to school.
(A girl of about 25 years enters their house)

Ravi: Who are you?

Sheela: Arey bhaiya….. I live next to your flat.
You are new to this place, right?
If you need anything do let me know.

Smitha (stares at the mini skirt of Sheela): These town girls are so over smart.

Ravi: Leave it…Smitha.

(Ravi continues working for the bar)

One Month Later…

Ravi sees Sheela in the bar. She is accompanied by a man of around 50 years. Ravi observes them from a distance. Their talk suddenly turns into a loud argument and the man slaps her.

Ravi is quite shocked but he does not utter a word as per the rules of his manager. That night he asks Smitha about Sheela.

Ravi: Smitha, what does Sheela do? I mean where does she work?

Smitha: She said she came here one year ago and still trying her luck to be a model.

Smitha: Why? What happened?

Ravi: No. Nothing. Go and sleep now.
(Smitha stares at Ravi suspiciously)

Smitha(to herself): Ravi never bothers knowing about anyone’s life.
What’s the matter? What is he hiding from me?

Next Day

Smitha (over phone): Ravi…Please come home as quickly as possible.
It’s urgent.

Ravi: What happened? Why are you crying, Smitha?

Smitha: Ravi… Rinku is not in his senses and he is having high temperature.

(Ravi arrives at home)
Ravi: Where shall we take Rinku? All the hospitals here are quite expensive.

Smitha: I don’t know anything. Take him to the government hospital. (Suddenly Sheela comes running listening to them).

Sheela: Ravi bhaiya, don’t take him to the government hospital. They don’t take care of the patients well.
Take him somewhere else.

Ravi: Sheela… rush now towards the bus stand and leave for Saharanpur. I am arranging money and I’ll send you some more money after taking some advance from my boss. Now, don’t wait. Go quickly.

(Smitha leaves for Saharanpur)

One Hour Later

Sheela comes to Ravi’s flat.

Sheela: Bhaiya ji…. don’t be so tensed. Everything will be fine. Anyways, I have prepared food for you. You must be hungry, right?

Ravi: No, I will not eat.

Sheela: Bhaiya, don’t worry. I will feed you. (Ravi looks at Sheela shockingly)

Ravi: No, I can eat it by myself.
(After eating, Ravi finds himself uneasy and after some minutes he falls on the floor unconscious).

5 Days Later

(There is a knock at the door. Smitha opens the door and finds police).

Police: Where is ‘Ravi’?

Smitha: He is not at home. But, what happened?

Police: Don’t try to fool us. Ravi has been accused of rape.

Smitha: What? It’s not possible!

Police: Sheela Kumari has filed it against your husband. (Police arrives at the police station with Smitha)
Sheela seems happy seeing all the crowd and media outside.

Sheela (to herself): I am so sorry Smitha ji. I had to do it. Umm… I will be in the headlines tomorrow. No one can now stop me from being famous.
And then I’ll be a top model. “TOP MODEL Sheela Kumari”.

Two Days Later

A dead body is found near the railway station which is later identified as Ravi.

Present Day

NGOs and women’s right organisation help Sheela get a secured job.
Sheela works as a social worker in Mumbai.

Smitha and Rinku live in Saharanpur village. Smitha works as a daily wage worker and Rinku helps his mother.


Even if one is acquitted, one cannot regain that status. You can’t prove your innocence to each and every person.

People are quick to judge in a rape case without even knowing whether the person is guilty or not.

‘If we demand equal opportunities then we should accept equal responsibilities as well. Playing the victim card won’t empower women or bring respect, fighting for the right thing would.’

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Kanika Pradhan
Kanika Pradhan
3 years ago

It is true that fake rape allegations can destroy a life but to not report a fake rape case against an innocent depends on the morality of a woman…

Pravati Mishra
Pravati Mishra
3 years ago

It is true as to many women play the victim cards to get what they want. Their gender come in handy and the sad part is that people actually believe the things they say because she is a woman.

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