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Why don't we speak out our emotions that is inside of us? We are afraid of exposing our weak sides, scared of not losing people if we start speaking out of our minds. But how important it really is to express what is inside?
Artwork: Ben the Illustrator

The topic to talk, in this Covid-19.

‘Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.’
― Sigmund Freud

Before you begin reading this, just take a minute to ask yourself what emotions mean to you?

What are feelings, expressions, thoughts, attachments according to you?
It is very subjective and personal.

You might be exceptionally extrovert but still cannot express your emotions or you might be an extremely introvert person but still can put your feelings in the best way possible.

According to the psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, ‘Extroverts get their energy from being social, and being alone can result in feelings of loneliness.’

Hirsh, Guindon, Morisano, & Peterson (2010) suggested that extroverts are particularly sensitive to impulsive, incentive-reward-driven behaviors and so it is very difficult to say whether an extrovert is better in expressing or an introvert.

There are times when we feel like we have a lot to say but we cannot?

We want to tell someone how we feel, what we want but the mind goes blank, the lips freeze and we end up saying nothing. This doesn’t end there, the battle between the heart and the brain goes on.

The entire wiring of our system gets disturbed and the best way to overcome this miserable state is to escape.

We give up. We just go away from those who affect us, from the ones whom we have expectations, and the ones we love the most.

We start distancing ourselves and everything goes wrong.

We keep on pacifying ourselves, but not speak.

The question arises why don’t we speak out all that we have inside?

We don’t speak because we think of what might be the consequences. We don’t say it loud because we are afraid, scared of losing people, scared of being not accepted in the group. We make assumptions, predictions and what not about how the other person would react.

There are also times when we don’t express because we think ‘Why me?’

Ego clashes and boom! The destruction is done.

The fun fact is that we keep expectations from our people without even letting them know about it and unfortunately the telepathy system doesn’t exist for real. If you care, show it. If you are angry, tell them. It is not always what’s meant to be will find its way. Sometimes we have to make the way.

Birthdays are considered very special and people celebrate it with all zest.

But with each passing birthday, I have realized that each year I lose someone very important, very close to me. Some walked ahead in life, leaving me behind and some have completed their journey before me.
Some left because we didn’t meet each other’s expectations and then all I am left with a wish to hold on to them for long.

The best birthday gift is ‘greetings’, ‘blessings’ from our people. Life is happier when you have individuals, to call yours. But, as said ‘Not all wishes come true’, so we have to go on with people who are still there, cherishing the memories with the ones who left.

There are many reasons for parting ways but the worst one is when you have regrets of not speaking all that you wanted once.

We think it is not the right time, let the right time come but the right time is always now. We think we might lose the person if we speak, but forget that we might ourselves leave the person in the long run if we didn’t speak. We feel like things won’t be the same when we express but we forget at times that communication is the way.

Misunderstanding creates a space for itself and If we don’t talk, things will automatically go worse.

In the population of 7 billion homo sapiens, if we cannot make a few of them ours then what is the point of living?

What is the point of being successful if you have no one to share your happiness and pain with?


Artwork by Sharmelan Murugiah

What is the point of having all the riches of the world and still not have a strong bond with your parents, family, friends, spouse, and your close ones?

I am writing this to you because I wanted to express.

I wanted to convey the importance of expressing your thoughts, emotions, care, love.

Talk it out. It is the only way to keep them with you.

Let’s start expressing and accept whatever comes next. It is never a good option to live with regrets. Respect your feelings as well as that of others.

We need each other to survive and especially in this war with the Corona virus, let’s more express करोना!

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Akash Dwivedi
Akash Dwivedi
3 years ago

Loved it. Happy Birthday.

Vidushi Dwivedi
Vidushi Dwivedi
3 years ago

So nice?

Sayantan Mitra
Sayantan Mitra
3 years ago

It is expressed so eloquently.
Really nice. ???????

Shiv Ranjan
Shiv Ranjan
3 years ago

Absolutely an A+ grade article on mental health ?

Herman Dixit
Herman Dixit
3 years ago

Instead of looking at screeens, we should look at people more often…

Gaurav Omkar
Gaurav Omkar
3 years ago

If this pandemic has taught me anything then it is that we have to be patient and okay enough to enjoy the days that we have nothing to do in hand and nowhere to go…It is okay to be sitting at a place justing listening to songs ♥️

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