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Left on my own, I'll define the environment as the world around us but the learned heads won't let me be. Isn't that the case?

How would you feel if your father, mother, fiancé, fiancée, brother, or sister gets you a dead flower on your birthday?

Bad, right? If we keep cutting down all the trees around our houses, releasing smoke from our chimneys and doing other things that I will mention below along the course of this article, we’ll start getting dead flowers as gifts.

What’s An Environment?

Being a Geography student, it interests me to write on this topic. Left on my own, I’ll define the environment as the world around us but the learned heads won’t let me be.

According to Google, an environment can be said to be the natural world, as a whole, or in a particular geographical area, especially as affected by human activity.

But look! It wasn’t too far from my definition.

The environment consists of those beautiful grasses and trees in your orchard, and the water where you stay on the beach to admire. 

What Are Those Things/ Actions That Damage Our Glamorous Environment?

Due to the advancement in technology, the environment suffers a lot of damages from our day to day activities.

I avoided saying ‘Environmental Hazards’ because of our friends who cringe when too bulky words are mentioned. I’ll be dwelling on these three hazards:




Pollution has to do with the overture of harmful substances into the environment. Air Pollution will be our focus. This simply has to do with releasing substances that can make the air harmful to both humans and animals. This happens when smoke or soothe is released into the air in one way or another.

Africa: Prioritizing Action on Air Pollution Will Benefit Health, the Climate and the Economy

Flood is the availability of excess water in the environment. Flood takes place when there is excessive rainfall or when stubborn humans dump refuses into gutters or drainage.

Drought-stricken communities hit by destructive floods in the horn of Africa

Earthquake is caused by internal vibrations in the ground. The earthquake is a natural disaster but we can also be prepared for it.

What Can Those Things/Actions State Above Do To Our Environment?

Did you know that acid rain is also a form of air pollution?

This causes great harm to the environment.

Flood washes away our farmlands especially for those in Western Africa, who survives on farming. It doesn’t only do that but causes erosion also.

Earthquakes which are unfortunately not caused by us, leads to loss of lives and properties. China and Iran have very long historical records of earthquakes.

How Can We Make Sure we will Never Be Given Dead Flowers?

First, we have to stop smoking and make sure our gas stoves are well ventilated.

? Send this article to your neighbour who releases smoke into the environment through his chimney, damaged appliances, etc.

Avoid dumping biscuits wraps and other things into gutters and drainages made by our wonderful government.

Though earthquakes are natural and somewhat inevitable, we can get prepared, educate people on everything about earthquakes, and build safer structures.

The environment is an important element of the ecosystem and a natural design from God. Rather than destroying it, we should try to preserve this beautiful gift.

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