Domestic Violence: A Curse On Our Society

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As Christine Mason Miller once said, 'At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end.' Domestic violence has lead to some worst crimes that can only be stopped by courage. The millions who are already in an abused relationship should seek help and have the courage to stand against the perpetrator.
Domestic Violence: A Curse To The Society- Delik House
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“You sl*t, you have ruined my whole life, I curse that wretched moment when I agreed to marry you”

That’s what I heard at 2:45 AM on a Saturday. I was sleeping and I noticed this screaming sound coming from the next building in my neighbourhood. When I was putting my tee-shirt to go and see what was happening, one more noise came to my ears. The sound was of beating someone.

While I was thinking what to do at that moment, a feminine voice screamed “aah” and a manly voice was heard cursing all this time. 

I couldn’t control myself and ran to the direction from where these voices were coming. Upon reaching the next building it wasn’t difficult to find from which floor the sound was coming. It was the 2nd floor.

Upon reaching the second floor I rang the bell and what I saw was a shocking and disturbing thing for a 22 years old guy.

I saw a lady whose nose was bleeding and left eye was bruised. Her hair was open and the one guy who was in his 40s was coming for her ferociously. He was completely drunk and was holding a hockey stick. I instantly called my parents at the location and after calling, I asked that lady if she needed any help?

“Yes, I am done with this guy, I can’t tolerate his misbehaving anymore.” She replied.

Just after listening to her response, I called the police at the location and my parents were there to support me.

Once the police reached, they took the husband and wife both along with me and then the lady and I filed the FIR against the preparator.

Then for a couple of weeks, she stayed with us at our home. Then we took her to the ‘Delhi Commission for Women‘ and requested help for her. There we found her a new accommodation and my mother gave her some money and told her to call us if she needs anything.

After a day or two, a friend of my mother, Asha aunty, came to our place and she was telling my mom that she has been working for an NGO which is dedicatedly working for women safety and empowerment. The thought of the lady came immediately to her and she asked if she can find a job for a lady who is a victim of domestic violence. 

She replied with a ‘Yes’ and told us that they are looking for a lady who could work as a caretaker of the property and she said that they’ll pay well and accommodation is for free.

The next morning my mother and I went to see Tara ji (the victim of domestic violence) and we requested the women commission to release her as we found her a job and accommodation.

Now, we took her to the NGO of my mother’s friend Asha auntie. She interviewed Tara ji and they offered her the job and requested her to join after a week. 

So, now the question was where would she go for a week?

The answer was our home.

We had so much fun with Tara ji. She was mature and caring and now she is like a family.

The big day came when she was needed to report to work with all her stuff and everything.

Oh my God, what an emotional moment for all of us to leave Tara ji in that NGO. We all cried and wished her luck.

A few days back, TaraJii came to see us after a year and trust me when I say that I couldn’t express my feelings upon seeing the long grin on her face.

I asked her, “What’s so special Tara ji? What is the reason for your big smile?”

“It is you kiddo! It is you who gave me the strength to fight that demon and get this wonderful life.” She replied. 

And she got presents for all of us.

She also told us that her husband was crying to accept him back in her life and forgive him but she stood strong and laughed at him and said now you should curse that wretched moment when you agreed to marry me.

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Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra
3 years ago

More power to you Kunal…Keep doing these awesome and necessary kind of duties ?

Aarav Sharma
Aarav Sharma
3 years ago

More power to you man ?

Kanika Pradhan
Kanika Pradhan
3 years ago

What you have done is commendable ?
Helping a fellow human in the time of need is what humanity is all about

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