Do We Need Nepotism Warriors?

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Nepotism is the lowest and least imaginative form of corruption. It is a disease which cannot be transmitted but can be inherited.
Leader giving a speech

No one knows that humans are fighting a deadly disease beyond hinges of COVID-19, a battle inert and solely within.

Every person is the super spreader of his malady, slowly and gradually that pesters, infests and finally perishes one’s existence.

In short, we call it nepotism.

The World Health Organization is yet to discover this universal pandemic of nepotism within its purview.

More or less, it’s a private battle led by those who had earlier been subjected to nepotism and lost their way out. We are aware that partiality is present everywhere, from Bollywood to Hollywood, Politics to Policy-making.

Before digging anything further, we ought to understand that not every product of nepotism is as good as the letter ‘T’ in the word ‘Tea’.

The fight is against the boundaries, which instead of being a bridge, reduce to bare obstacles for newcomers and budding talents.
Like, COVID-19 warriors, we have to hunt for Nepotism warriors, brave hearts who can lead the flagship of ‘silent’ war.

Who can they be?

Firstly, we need influencers.

No matter how hard we press, shake the twitter trending page, post on social media or stroll down lanes holding a placard, a leader is a must.

People with face value and equally significant place value can act as crowd pullers. Scattered support can be only mustered into united one if an able leader continuously kindles people’s latent emotions.

Secondly, people who have undergone the same trauma can understand the situation like no one else.

They can’t just answer every question, they’re survived answers themselves.

When protesters connect to the leader who bore a similar brunt, they idolize and dispense faith in the success of the movement.

Last, to say, politics is imbibed in every tiny atom of our system-good politics and bad politics. Nepotism can be vaccinated when good politics dominates over the bad ones, and the person piloting good politics should be a survivor of the bad.

Anyone blended with all these qualities may herald justice to all those little and big spearheads who fell due to preferential policy.

The battle is ever old, forever long.

Today it is Sushant Singh Rajput, tomorrow it might be someone own, and the day after tomorrow we might be standing steadfast to face a familiar circumstance.

A formidable leader has to be chosen before the epidemic enters our homes.

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B B Pani
B B Pani
3 years ago


Sheila Ray
Sheila Ray
3 years ago

I don’t understand why Bollywood in specific is targeted on the topic of Nepotism.
Nepotism exists in every spheres of life…We just have to eliminate it from everywhere!

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