Do Dreams Come True?

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What is not started today is never finished tomorrow. Dreams are secrets that we all see in our sleep but what about achieving them?
Do Dreams Come True?- Delik House
Dreams are all that we have in common

“No one can stop me when I taste the feeling. Nothing could ever bring me down.”

Do those words sound any familiar to you?

It was first served in 1886. At that time, only 9 were served on an average day, 3285 in a year. Today, almost 19400 of its products are consumed every second.

You guess that right!

I am talking about Coca Cola Products.

I think that must be a dream come true for the Coca Cola Producer or isn’t it?

Many times I feel so bad for waking up from a good dream. Just when things were getting better. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I know you all have that one dream that you badly like to come true.

It is always easier said than done.

How can you and I make our dreams come true?

Always know and remember your intentions. It’s okay if you fail but try as much as you can to do better. If a snake has its head chopped off- that chopped off head can still bite and unleash a huge amount of venom. The chopping off of the head are the setbacks that you will face while trying to achieve your dreams.

Never give up and always look for inspirations that will fuel you to keep going and rip the benefits that will ‘bite’ the setbacks.

Did you know that while you sleep you can’t smell anything- even really, really bad potent smells.

Would I then be wrong to say that those dreams you have every single night smell NOTHING but success?

I mean if you can dream it, you can do it!

Author Tom Robbins says that dreams don’t come true; they are true. Wake up and strive to accomplish your dreams.

That way, nothing and no one will stop you from tasting the feeling. One that would last a lifetime.

All the best, Lets dream on!

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Emmah njeri
Emmah njeri
3 years ago

Lets dream and do….good article dear

Ravindra Chotala
Ravindra Chotala
3 years ago


Kate LaClair
Kate LaClair
3 years ago

Dreams are an important part of a journey..Keep the eyes closed long enough to make those dreams a reality ✨

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