Death Chorus

Memories raced and faded, opening entrances to strangers. Resolving the mysterious paths – ‘Unknown’, heartbeats went nil post death chorus.
Death- The Uncharted Minds
Death Is Inevitable

Are you awake?

Breathed the saw dust filled lungs

As a blunt memory , it preached

‘This day too, soon will vanish’

Savages it fought – me and my subconsciousness.

A war too harsh- Neurons wept in pain.

Like channel tunnels, lured the speed so massive

Signals too rapid , unlinked yet violent.

Memories raced and faded.

Opening entrances to strangers.

Resolving the mysterious paths – ‘Unknown’,

Heartbeats went nil post death chorus

Leaving remnants of sulking nails and weedy hair

Green waves vibrated to final stillness.

Laid loved kins detentioned with mourning matters.

Stretchers off duty burdening the woody coffins.

Shooketh were thee, cried blood tears of loss

Drained in monsoon rains breaking death vows.

One could only think, little hope the bereaved had

Won’t she ever face, the shadow with scythe

And her body with the shades of winter

A decaying and pressured fuel will she be,

Her soul comforted.

Proving Upanishads wrong she travelled ,

To the melancholic minds of family.

Every four trimesters , the sepulchre shined with jewelled tear drops

The stillness – with a continuous velocity

Stayed hollow without an outbreak

Hoping she did at least find peace,

When the lungs disobeyed!

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Kate LaClair
Kate LaClair
3 years ago

Is the poem is about the patients who are suffering from Corona?

Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks
3 years ago

Mesmerizing and quite scary to be honest ?

3 years ago

Wow… The fear in the death bed can truly visualised in this poem as the current scenario.. can be connected with any one… Penned well… Keep Growing..

3 years ago

The final silence of breath cooling down ones entire circulation to be part of cosmos.

Well portrait!!!
Keep it up

Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh
3 years ago

It’s rare to see such complex words forming into sentences…Gonna be looking forward to reading such poems.?

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