Child Labor: A Child In Pain Is No Gain

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It is widely said that work is for adults, play and education is for children. But over-population, unemployment and other factors have taken many children hostages of child labor. What should be done to eradicate child labor? Because we have the power to create a better future by treating our children well.
Small children working- Child Labor

What have social issues like poverty and lack of education compelled our illiterate population to do since ages?

They are forced to send their children to do labor work instead of sending them to the school. Their adverse circumstances have forced them to give tools in their children’s hands instead of books, despite the fact that they are actually the future of our nation.

‘Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment of social disease of poverty, you’ll have both child labor and poverty to the end of time.’ Grace Abbot quoted.

Families are strained by financial difficulties and hence they cannot cope with the increasing demands of children. The ultimate cause of poverty here is over-population, when parents could nurture 2 children in a better way within specific income, 5 children in the same wage now are therefore deprived of even their basic rights.

The absence of Family Planning leads to birth of many children, which in case cause child labor.
The absence of Family Planning leads to birth of many children, which in case cause child labor.

More members than expected are least taken care of. This can be seen as the biggest reason to why children look for their own source of income.

Hence, the ultimate reason raising poverty is over-population which in turns leads to child labor as needs of people will ascend with their number, compelling little hands to carry out tasks which they aren’t meant to.

Additionally, one of the main reasons could be ‘Unemployment’ too.

When the families don’t have enough earnings to survive, then they send their children to work so that they can have enough money to survive. Just like unemployed farmer may struggle to find work in high tech industries.

Unemployed worker do not even get enough wage to fulfill the necessities of their families.

Sometimes, even their wages are cut and then they face an ultimate financial crisis.

In contrast, talented people also lack jobs and are unemployed because of raised competition. As Children lack the basic education grounding which would enable them to acquire skills and to improve their aspects for a descent life, it’s obvious that the nation will have to suffer as a whole.

Hence, we should request the government to stop and take certain measures to restrict this act. The Government should provide jobs to the jobless parents or if they can’t do this then they should at least bear the expenses of a child till the certain age.

They should make legislative rules. If good and free education can be provided among the children then this will help to reduce the incidence of child labor, ultimately the little ones can get to know their self-worth and dignity.

There must be a high quality education in the nation for the poor ones till the 12th grade.

With it, we can also donate the money to the charities, aiding the children to escape the trap of child labor. There are also some charity workers, who are working tirelessly for these kids to brighten their future. Contributions made in such organizations voluntarily can benefit everyone as a whole.

There are many charities workers who work a lot for the people and spend their whole time tackling this particular situation.

Population should be under control. It will take care of the resource management in the nation. If there would be over population in the nation then there will be many chances of poverty which is the main cause of child labor.

So, reducing poverty in communities will assist families and then they will not have any need of sending their kids to earn. The private companies should stop hiring children below a certain minimum age. They should check the age of the worker and then they should give them the job.

Little by little, everything can settle.

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Ritu Sharma
Ritu Sharma
3 years ago

Child labor is a heinous strain in the name of humanity that should be erased and rubbed off as soon as possible.

Sarthak Samanth
Sarthak Samanth
3 years ago

These Issues need to be looked upon…Not who killed Sushant Singh Rajput?
I don’t give a fuck about the person who killed him ?

Herman Dixit
Herman Dixit
3 years ago

Content that needs to be heard ?

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