Bridging Gap Between School And Society

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Many times the coping mechanism of the kids don't match with the expectations of the education system and the society. The race needs to change with the time. So, what do you expect from the system to bridge the gap?
Kids going to school- The Uncharted Minds

School is one of those entities in the society that is considered responsible for producing students as efficient products that have value in society’s market.

Parents are regarded as the funders to pay for students’ academic needs.

The school aims to enable them to survive as an educated member of society who can earn a living.

The triangular relation among parents, school, and society ignores the students’ real needs and expectations.

This scenario gives rise to the relative concept of quality that is perceived differently by everyone.

The majority considers functional literacy as the symbol of being graduated from school.

The thundering question is that; Is it so real?

If yes, then is it achieved as an outcome of schooling?

If not, then what is the school responsible for?

To align the needs of society and responsibilities of school, students need to function as proactive citizens.

School is the reflection of society’s needs that proves itself as the guardian of society’s future.

Research suggests that the relationship between the community and school needs to be strong enough for a child to feel himself as an integral part of an alive and real society.

With this in mind, the current scenario portrays our students’ devastating view who is being sculptured to memorize bookish knowledge with the inability to turn it into practice.

Hence, the so-called products of schools (students), when graduated, exhibit their incapability to disentangle realistic societal problems, empathize with others, resolve mutual conflicts and strengthen positive relationships.

At worst, our children end up being the victims of depression, isolation, stress and frustration, due to the reduced parental involvement in children’s school life.

In the critical setup, the school needs to develop students who are capable of recognizing their role as individuals and as active citizens who can stand firm as productive pillars of society.

The vision of developing a strengthened relationship between school and community can possibly be achieved by the active participation of teachers who act as the representatives of both school and society.

I strongly agree that students’ academic achievement is the primary target of school, but it is not the only goal to be achieved in school.

Therefore, the teachers’ role should not only be confined to students’ academic success but also enable them to view the lifelong value of their learning.

It ultimately boosts students to develop the lens, which allows them to look at society as a platform where they can demonstrate their knowledge.

They should have the potential to solve societal problems by evaluating the reasons behind them, such as injustice, prejudice, discrimination, suicide, child labor, stereotypes, etc.

A school needs to bring students out of the vague and fake expression of brotherhood and humanity, and cater them to live as competent inhabitants of the planet.

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Dwayne Hames
Dwayne Hames
3 years ago

Children should be taught moral science first then all the basic training should start. Morality is an important virtue in all of humanity.

Kaitlyn Walls
Kaitlyn Walls
3 years ago

Teachers should focus more on the overall development of the children rather than keep asking about history dates.
Well done on the article though ?

Anita Mishra
Anita Mishra
3 years ago

This new Education Policy that will be implemented in India, is gonna make the children more superior in terms of knowledge.

Sonali Sehgal
Sonali Sehgal
3 years ago

The article is good but it could have been more descriptive to encircle more POV.
Keep writing and keep creating this quality of contents?

Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh
3 years ago

School has always been about learning rot facts with no meaning whatsoever. Moral science, sex education, sports and leadership qualities should be encouraged. That is what will bring some confidence and discipline in the student’s life.

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