Black Lives Matter

'When the colour of your skin is seen as a weapon, you will never be seen as unarmed.' We are all in this together, so better take that racist attitude somewhere far from this planet. Black Lives Matter and it is important!
Black Lives Matter- The Uncharted Minds

Well I wish we all heard what
Nelson Mandela said,
‘Nothing is black or white,
But we out here fighting for one
and forgetting the other.’

Crucial incidents.

Made up accidents.

Color blame.

Race blame.

I am not a color!

I am human!

So I heard black stands for darkness,
Making them folks fear for what they stand for.

Black is treated as guilt.
Forgetting about Justice and getting it killed.

So, what’s going on?
Shooting because I was spotted around a crime scene?

I still get shot even though my hands are up and can be seen?
Bullet on my knees and slowly dropping to the ground.

So, what sold me out and yet I did nothing!

My colour, huh!

Black lives matter.

But my blackness gets judged and
makes life harder.

‘Officer I didn’t do it.’
‘Officer, please let me go!
My family is waiting.’
‘Officer, I can’t breathe.’

Your knee on my neck is hurting me.’

‘Officer if I have to go then tell my family I love them,
Of… f…ice…r..’

Dropped dead.
Justice never served.
My black color sold me out.
I won’t beg God to turn me to their favorite,
But I’ll pray that y’all see each other as equal.

Hey judge, pass the sentence if there is enough evidence.

The Jury says that I am guilty, and it’s 0K if I am.

Don’t judge me with my appearance,
Sometimes the cover of the book ain’t interesting.
The content will shock you.

Black lives matter they say,
But I don’t see color so should you.

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Jimmy Sampson
Jimmy Sampson
3 years ago

Commendable Brother ❤️
Black lives matter and it always should..

Last edited 3 years ago by Jimmy Sampson
Rohan Kadal
Rohan Kadal
3 years ago

Black lives do matter and this shouldn’t be happening in this 21st century…Shame to be living in the most glorified period of the human civilization …

registro de Binance
1 month ago

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