Biryani And Pulao: The Dilemma in Everything Between Them

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The war between Biryani and Veg Biryani is not new but it certainly finds itself being discussed in every other restaurant when a group of people sit to eat. Some like the taste of Chicken and others choose to eat Pulao but there is a other section which abhors Non-veg! So, if you are falling in any of the above category then this article is for you!
a bowl full of Chicken Biryani

Being a vegetarian my whole life. I struggle to understand the love for biryani. I have noticed my friends go gaga over it. And to be honest it does smell amazing but it also has that strong smell of chicken or the meat that’s usually used. It smells rather unpleasant to me. I am not here to annoy or insult anyone or their tastes or choices.

I am curious as to how it tastes. If it does taste anything like Pulao, I would say pretty amazing. But let’s not fool around because it’s an undeniable fact that Biryani has a separate fan base among the Indian Cuisine.

Veg Biryani in a white bowl
Veg Pulao

Although it’s alleged to the origin of Persia, we all know though by its aroma that in India it found its affinity.

I see my friends smacking their lips before the Dish even arrives.
But my dilemma is to give a sharp retort to my friends who mock me for eating Ghaas Phunss.

P.S. All my vegetarian pals have been in this situation.

And sometimes we are in minority among our group of friends, having to cancel the plans because our friends are eating at a Non-Veg restaurant and we don’t want to be a Kabab meh Hadi by interrupting them.

We have nothing against our friends being non-vegetarian and when we’re mocked about our choice. Yeah, that stings a bit. No matter how casually we try to shrug it Off.

So, next time try to be a considerate human and not taunt us about our choice of diet.

Veg Biryani in a bowl
Why do we even call it Veg Biryani when it is only Masala Rice!

We also have friends who will only VEG and BRAG about it!

We have those friends who say they don’t eat because of their caste or religion. And that’s totally fine.

But when they start to brag about how they have to take a bath even if they touch an Egg.

I mean come on!

Again nothing against your lifestyle choices. But there’s a time and place for everything. That’s why we have different rooms in our house as per the various purposes. You can’t take a bath in your living room.

Can you?

When you repeatedly brag about the untouchability of foods. Then yeah it gets annoying. You are just trying to establish your “purity” and simultaneously spoiling everyone’s else mood with your sad brag.

Then we have those friends who make faces at the sight of Non-vegetarian food. Look I get it. I too can’t stand the smell. So, I make myself scarce. By making such faces you are hurting your friends who want to enjoy their Biryani to its last bite.

Excuse yourself and politely cite the reason after the meal. Because you don’t want him/her to come as Lousy Friend.

The Complexity of Human Emotions I must say so!

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani on a plate
How can you resist this?!

Now on an End Note:

We, Vegetarians, are happy with our Pulao and you guys with your Biryani. There’s no need for such a childish competition unless you are at Masterchef. There too you probably would receive backlash.

It’s not much about the dilemma of Biryani and Pulav. It’s the tongues that taste them make it to be.

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3 years ago

Dear Vaisnavi very nicely written about pulav and Biryani that the conclusion is perfect ultimately depends on individual tongue taste. Also every human forgets that heis made of what. So good carry on.

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