Bermuda Triangle – The Conspiracy Behind It!

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During the past century more than 50 ships and 20 aircraft sailed into oblivion in the area known as the Devil's Triangle, Bermuda Triangle. What was the reason for their disappearances? Or what exactly were the factors that made this Devil's Triangle?
Bermuda Triangle and its conspiracies- The Uncharted Minds
Bermuda Triangle and its conspiracies.

The disappearances within the harmful Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle is blessed for the many shipwrecks, enigmatically missing planes and alternative unexplained paranormal phenomena.

By simplest of all definitions, Bermuda Triangle is found off the South East Coast of the U.S. and within the Atlantic Ocean.

Bermuda Triangle on a world map.

This space is delimited by three points:

Miami (in Everglade State), San Juan (in Puerto law), Bermuda (an Atlantic Ocean Island).

Till now, all ships and planes that have gone past this haven’t made out of it out alive. So, while deciding the route this course is oftenavoided.

Let us have a glance what Rig religious writing has to say regarding a similar Bermuda Triangle mystery.

It says that Earth has given birth to the planet Mars.

When the earth gave birth to mars, mars got separated from its mother.

The thigh of the mother, and he or she got unbalanced and to prevent this, Ashwini Kumar (Godly doctor) poured tons of iron into this triangular injury and the planet fastened its current position.

That’s why; the planet is slightly bent at the axis.

The triangular formed Injury on the earth became the Bermuda Triangle.

The iron that’s kept within the Bermuda Triangle became the geographic point for the disappearance of ships.

The Bermuda Triangle’s dangerous name started in 1492 once Christopher Columbus wrote in his journals that within Triangulum, the ship’s compass stopped operating and he additionally saw a fireball in the sky.

Popular culture has attributed varied disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extra-terrestrial beings. Documented proof indicates that a major share of the incidents was spurious, inaccurately reported.

Many researchers & scientists have turned to theories that uncover this mystery.

Some of them are:

Magnetic Variation

This theory that was postulated by the U.S. Coast Guard thirty years ago, states that ‘Most of the disappearances will be attributed to the distinctive environmental options of the world.’

First, the ‘Devil’s Triangle’ is one amongst the two places on Earth wherever a compass point to the particular North and not the magnetic one.

The distinction between the two is understood because of the compass variation.

The distinction between the two points is large. If this variation of the compass isn’tregulated, a navigator could be far away from the course and acquire into seriousproblem.

Methane Gas Theory

Methane trapped beneath the ocean floor will erupt, and as a result will lower the water density and cause ships to sink sort of a rock. Even planes flying over it, will combust and acquire fully destroyed throughout such gas blowout.

Sargasso Sea

Sargasso Sea is a weird space that has no shores are delimited solely by water currents on all sides. Several ships passing through it are stuck.

Sargasso Sea- The Uncharted Minds

Electronic Fog –

Electronic fog, a weird thick cloud seems out of nothing and engulfs a ship or a plane. They begin to malfunction, and gradually they vanish into nowhere without any trace.

UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) –

When there are not any explanations, blame the UFOs. Though the explanations area unit unclear, it’s been steered that aliens have chosen the Bermuda Triangle as some extent to abduct folks for unknown functions.

UFOs and Bermuda Triangles


This space has generated several theories and controversies. However, not even today, specifically what’s happening in this mysterious space isunderstood.

No single theory until date will justify all the incidents of disappearances. I wonder if all ships and Airplanes get disappeared in Bermuda Triangle. If that is so then,

Why do not we throw all the trash and plastic there and save the earth?

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Aniket Das
Aniket Das
3 years ago

The mystery unfolded ??

Sicili Jane
Sicili Jane
3 years ago

I have heard about this but never really looked closely what was happening…this is really an interesting article on a phenomenon ?

Tapas Nayak
Tapas Nayak
3 years ago

The last line is lit af ??

3 years ago


Pravati Mishra
Pravati Mishra
3 years ago

Last line made me laugh so hard… Creative point at best ?

Sylvia Beatrice Wairimu
Sylvia Beatrice Wairimu
3 years ago

I love this facts!
Your last idea should be considered!

Pooja Kiran
Pooja Kiran
3 years ago

Maybe Einstein had gone to visit the other dimensions through Bermuda triangle ??

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